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No multiplayer is allowed – Game News 24

by Ron

Decentraland was meant to be the next big thing in the crypto scene. After an open zeal of the metaverse and the nodes, this virtual world allows players to exchange ideas and give themselves to likeminded “investors”. They also buy fantasy tokens using nonfungible tokens for the occurrence of in-game land. While it appears that this is a pretty lonely experience now, it’s clear.

According to Coindesk, Decentraland accounts for only 38 active daily users – and only ever accounts for six75. At the time of writing, that’s dropped to 19. Even the team’s subreddit, which boasts 877,000 members, is completely dead, the most active conversation going on now concentrating on its weak players.


This is related to Decentraland’s NFT Metaverse And You Don’t Have To To Do That.

This figure of 19 people relates to the number of people who actually use the game as intended – making purchases using Decentraland’s cryptocurrency, MANA. According to the track site, DappRadar (that Coindesk mentions in its report), the game has only amassed 146 players this week, making up 380 transactions.

Decentraland has rejected these figures for misleading them. While not elaborating on the number of 19 daily users making in-game purchases, the team claims 1 074 active users were in September. However, the fact that in the past 30 days there have been around 500 active users.

The team said it also had 56,697 monthly users in September, including those who didn’t get involved in the crypto element. Even though this is true, it shows a very small difference between players and Decentraland and being a major player of concern for the main problem, much of then one ignored the NFTs.

An alternative to this, these other NFT games seem to be doing better. Since that time, Axie Infinity logged more than 22,000 active users. It’s possible Decentraland doesn’t just be taking off in the same way.

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