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The PUBG Creator announces the blockchain game

by Mason

PUBG creator Brendan Greene is pivoting to the metaverse and the blockchain, with a new NFT-clad game that he says will be made for everybody, not money. This is part of a long-running plan that started in 2019 when he left PUBG in 2012 and decided to start PlayerUnkown Productions in Amsterdam.


Artemis is developing virtual metaverse that’ll feature AI population, all in all, like an era-era giant Roblox world that inhabited by NPCs. You can trade NFTs and earn real money.

Final Fantasy NFTs Cement Square Enix became the newest publishing company in Gaming.

“I’m just going to do what I’m going to do,” said Greene (thanks, Eurogamer). “[Artemis’s] what we want to create, and that will give a lot of fun to the people and a lot of good things to do. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s called the metaverse or not. I don’t care what people want to call it.

“We’re building a digital place,” Greene continued. “This must have a finance, and that must have systems working. And I believe that you can extract value from an online site; it must be like the internet where you can do things that earn money. But it isn’t about Chanel and Louis Vuitton like it. There’s one kid named AwesomePickle selling cool skins because he understands what people want.

I have watched TV and television for a while now. Ubisoft announced its own plans to enter the blockchain and NFT world, but they didn’t sell well and received a lot of backlash. By chance Ubisoft agreed to use that form of research.

The reason the backlash is partly due to the lack of environmentally friendly NFTs because they are built on the back of cryptocurrency, an expensive alternative of money.

In parallel, metaverses have proven unpopular in the vast games space, as demonstrated by Mark Zuckerberg’s own announcement, which turned into a viral meme. He posted a digital selfie ahead of the Eiffel Tower.

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