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Junji Ito is Doing NFTs, Fans Disputed

by Mason

I’m sorry I have to tell you that, but Junji Ito has made NFTs. The legendary horror movie artist has announced an NFT series coming out this November. All that is based on the Tomie series. The fan fan stayed busy so far that many were angry at Junji Ito for working on that collaboration.

The new technologies are essentially a randomly created parallel line of tomie panels, with the multiple pieces of art from the original mange being thrown into the token. While there were the horrible scenes in ito’s work over the years, many believe it is a scariest step yet for the artist, having experienced an online gimmick often associated with art stealing and scams.


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The Japanese artist will launch his first NFT series ‘TOMIE’ in November, according to the anime-influenced developer, Animeta. This is the project project involved with Ito. “We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with many original manga creators.”

As you’d expect, the media isn’t putting off the news.

“How sad a great artist is to menacing themselves like this,” agrees @BeedrillHive.

Nevertheless, some are willing to give Ito the benefit of the doubt. “You damn well know his management team got convinced of the scam of NFTs,” says user @prideful_ichor. “There’s no fucking way Junji Ito knows what a nft is.

The Twitter account of Animeta isn’t yet to respond to the overwhelmingly negative reaction. It’s not clear whether that will be enough to stop plans for the Tomie collection or if that’ll be enough to survive. However, it’s a perfect Halloween scare from Ito – 31 days early, too.

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