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Sega licences its first yen to the Blockchain developer

by Noah S

Numerous big Japanese publishers made public their desire to enter the blockchain-game market in the past serval months. These include Square Enix, Namco Bandai and Sega. Sega didn’t announce any official plans until today, but we know how to roll out the blockchain as a first step.

The Japanese studio double jump.tokyo announced it has partnered with the Sonic publishers to develop a blockchain game entitled the Sangokushi image under the license of Sangokushi Taisen. The game will utilize the platform Oasys chain, a Japanese-based blockchain technology, announced in February, and has recently made a splash in Neko Bandai and Square Enix. In the statement, Oasys says it has its aim to solve the problems of current blockchain games, such as transactions speed and fees borne by users, and provide a more comfortable experience to users.


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While it’s not known in the west well, Sangokushi Taisen is a popular collectable card game created in 2005 for the arcades of Sega AM1, the legendary development studio has seen a lot of revisions. This controversial technology looks as if it were a perfect match to the series set during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The authors think that while there are so many blockchain games seeking to leverage NFTs to create scarce collectibles that are related to trading card games, the amount of games that could be used to create the scarce collectibles would be enough.

There are certainly no other details concerning this game. So far, not even target platforms, though it’s worth noting how much more the game has the name two other “My Crypto Heroes”, which is available on Google Play and Facebook.

It is not yet possible to see if there are any other significant Sega franchises who will be licensed equally in the upcoming months. The company said it worked on many remasters, remakes and new games that all are scheduled for release before March 2023. Sega also claims to be working on its Super Game-based project that’s no longer a single game, but actually multiple larger projects.

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