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B8 vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2

by Zlosterr

When talking about Dota 2 predictions, many people want to know more about the matches in North America. Although TSM, SR, and nouns are in a league of their own, the other squads are evenly matched. Let’s take a look at B8 vs Team DogChamp.

These 2 squads are in a similar position because the Dota 2 DPC NA Tour 2 Division I hasn’t been easy. With that said, it’s time to take a look at their performance and what to expect if you decide to use some of the world’s best Dota 2 betting platforms. The latter will always include at least a couple of markets, even for matches like this.


Following Dendi’s decision to join North America, the team hasn’t been able to show everything it’s capable of. After it didn’t impress with its results during Tour 1, the team also had a shaky performance this time around.

So far, B8 has one victory against Wildcard Gaming and a loss against TSM and nouns. Before its match against Team DogChamp on Match 25, Dendi and co. will also have to go up against felt. The latter will be an important series for them because if they win, they will almost certainly guarantee their sport in Division I for Tour 3.

Team DogChamp

Despite being one of the promising names in last year’s DPC, Team DogChamp was sent in Division II for Tour 1, so it had to earn its spot for Tour 2. Fortunately, the team succeeded, and so far, it is performing better than expected. 

A quick look at the squad’s results shows it has 2 victories and one loss. DogChamp defeated felt and 5RATFORCESTAFF, but lost the series versus Shopify Rebellion. With that said, Team DogChamp has one more series before this one – versus nouns. 

B8 vs Team DogChamp Dota 2 NA DPC Division I Predictions

Giving predictions for such a match is easier said than done. However, after analyzing both teams’ most recent matches and results, we have a few things to share.

Match Winner

If you decide to bet on the potential winner of the match, we think that Team DogChamp has a better chance of winning. The team’s overall performance is slightly better, and the players have proven they can perform well under pressure. However, B8 is definitely a squad you should not underestimate.

Total Towers

We expect this match to offer us 3 long and exciting games. Since both teams have a lot to lose, we wouldn’t be surprised if they focus a lot on objectives. Consequently, the total number of towers destroyed should be more than 12. 

Players With the Most Kills 

Dota 2 Dendi

As much as we like Dendi, we don’t think he’ll be the player with the most kills in this series. In fact, after checking the stats, this title should go to RCY or Sunlight from Team DogChamp. Both core players have been solid, so it will be a tough call.

Player With the Most Assists

Regarding Dota 2 predictions and assists, guessing who’ll win is easier said than done. Ruustle from DogChamp is a solid option here, but Funn1k and even Dendi can also take the crown. With that said, we think DogChamp will win, so Ruustle takes it.

Players With The Most Deaths

Feeding is an inevitable part of almost every Dota 2 match, so in this case, the title will go to CTOMAHEH1 or Lodine. Since we consider B8 the underdog, it’s only natural that their support players will die more often than those on the enemy team.

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