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Fortnite Bending Elements Are Now Available

by Ashley

Our latest update crossed the Battle Royale over with Avatar the Last Airbender, where can you find the Fortnite Bending mythics in-game?

We’re mid-way through Season 2 of Chapter 5 but Epic has just swerved the game suddenly. The god powers are out, at least for a few weeks. Instead, we’ve got a new batch of Fortnite Elements. Or the Avatar mythics as they might be better known.

The latest crossover has introduced a few elements from Avatar the Last Airbender. We’ve got the Fortnite Aang skin available in the Elements Pass. In-game though, there’s a whole spread of new Mythics. For a couple of weeks in Battle Royale, these Fortnite Bending techniques will be taking over combat.

What are the four new Avatar Mythics. Each has unique powers which can expand your options in each round of Battle Royale. What do they do and how can you track them down in-game.

New Fortnite Bending Mythics Added

The Avatar Mythics have enabled, alongside the Waterbending that’s already been here for a short while. Each of these has a few uses that might not be obvious at first glance. These are all of the Fortnite elements and when to use them.

Fortnite Elements - New Fortnite Bending items


Waterbending is the Fortnite bending Mythic that’s already been here for a while. It has a few less obvious uses though.

The first is to throw water and ice at players. This does some minor damage but it doesn’t really outplay the best Fortnite weapons. However, it does have a second function.

While you’re holding this, you’ll regenerate white health in water. It’s a pretty effective form of healing.


Earthbending is a unique attack that might have more power in Zero Builds. It also has two functions, the first is to throw rocks at players. This is similar to some other Mythic melee attacks we’ve had.

The second builds a rock defensive barrier. This is useful for the game mode without builds. However, in. builds it’s slower and worse cover than just throwing up a wall. There are still some uses for Avatar Mythics with Builds though.


The next Mythic is Firebending. This lets you throw fire at enemies, pretty similar to the water Fortnite bending attack. The next is to do a slam attack. This makes it a decent replacement for the wings slam.

Fortnite Elements mainly have these ‘throw element’ attacks as the first use. The second uses could be more interesting once we get creative with them though.


The final Avatar Mythic is Air bending. This one might be the most useful. It has both a jump which sends you up in the air, and an air wheel to move around faster.

This is some really strong mobility. With the wings removed (and kind of terrible anyway), this Mythic might be a must-carry for the more mobile players over the next few weeks. It’s the best rotation tool we’ve had this season.

How to Find the Fortnite Bending Mythics

Fortnite Elements - New Fortnite Bending items

Those are the four powers you can unlock, how can you actually find them though? It isn’t the trickiest to track them down.

They’re all located in special loot containers. Players just need to head over to the bending Scroll Containers. Each of these is in a shrine which will give out a specific Bending technique.

The Fortnite bending powers started in the general loot pool alone. However, now they’re in the scroll containers which makes them much simpler to track down consistently.

Are Fortnite Elements in Competitive?

That’s the changes from the Fortnite Avatar update, but how does this affect competitive? Fortnite esports are still going on, with Ranked Cups happening in the first weekend. These have been adapted for the tournament build.

The Fortnite bending powers won’t be available in tournament builds. However, the Olympian Aspect of the Gods are in there. While they’re currently vaulted, we’re essentially sticking to the older meta for the title for tournament games.

How Long Are the Avatar Mythics in the Game For?

Fortnite Elements - New Fortnite Bending items

The Fortnite Avatar content is only going to be here for a brief time. We’ve got it live in-game from now, with the V29.9 update. It’ll be in the game until May 3rd! That’s how long we have to get through the Elements pass too.

May is when Star Wars returns to Fortnite, so it makes sense to move the mythics out by then. It gives a decent amount of time to get through everything and try out the new Fortnite bending mythics. Hopefully, everyone can win a Fortnite game or two using the new items.

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