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Fortnite V24.01 Patch Notes – Supply Drops Vaulted in Surprise Update

by Ashley

This is everything we’ve seen added or changed in the surprise Fortntie v24.01 patch notes, and the major feature that’s not coming back.

We’ve got a surprise patch a bit early this week! Fortnite V24.01 is a minor update, but it’s our first big change for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. The alterations are pretty small but they’ve helped stabilize things after an early start to the Season. Alongside them though, we’ve gotten confirmation of a massive vaulting with Epic not fixing what some might have assumed was just a bug in the first week.

We’ll run through everything that’s changed with Fortnite V24.01 patch notes. Or rather why there aren’t any official patch notes. Players were probably a bit surprised to boot up Fortnite to an update today. It isn’t a normal update day and we’re only a little bit into the season. So why has Epic decided to update things now? There’s a good reason we’ve had a main back-end update. This is why we’ve gotten Fortnite V24.01 patch but not gotten any real patch notes to go alongside it.

Fortnite V24.01 Patch Notes

Fortnite Unreal Editor

Fortnite V24.01 is now live in the game! As players might guess from how little the version the number has updated, this wasn’t a huge patch. Epic apparently views it as simply 0.01 of a change! In terms of the game itself, there aren’t any massive changes. Although, it has cemented the removal of a feature that’s been in the game since its very beginning.

The Fortnite V24.10 patch has made changes to the backend of the game but not anything on the live side for players to notice. These are mainly bug fixes, but there are other changes too. The big bugs including ones on console that have caused major problems since the new Season started have been sorted out.

Across the entire game, the changes are likely to get the stage set for the Unreal Fortnite Editor that’s about to drop. That’s Creative 2.0 and it allows basically anything made in Unreal to be launched directly into Fortnite. While the editor is a stand-alone program, Fortnite likely needed some changes to accommodate the launch version of the Unreal Editor.

Fortnite V24.01 Vaults Permanent Feature

Fortntie V24.01 Patch Notes

One big change which Epic has kind of buried in the new season is the vaulting of one of our oldest and most iconic features in Battle Royale. Supply Drops are gone. These have actually been in the game since the very beginning. They’ve always been around.

From time-to-time Epic would bring in other big patches with unique loot drops that took focus away from real Supply Drops. They’ve mainly always been around though, even being a bigger part of the game with items like the dial-a-drop in Chapter 3 Season 4.

The new Season made the loot caches a headline addition. These are very similar to the Supply Drops but with a few added features. Epic hasn’t confirmed that they’ve actually replaced Supply Drops though, not mentioning them at all in the patch notes. Fortnite V24.01 has fixed most other big bugs, since supply Drops have stayed gone we can probably now safely say that they’ve been fully vaulted!

It’s disappointing to lose something we’ve had since Battle Royale’s launch, but the new version is a lot of fun in its own right too. We’ll probably see them back eventually, but it does seem like this season is going to be Supply Drop free.

Why Was Fortnite V24.01 an Early patch?

Fortnite V24.01 has been a tiny update for players in terms of what’s changed. It also came at such a weird time too, a day before our normal update day. We can probably assume this has something to do with the Unreal Editor launching. The patch likely had to get everything lined up perfectly to integrate the new editor once it drops.

We can expect the Fortnite X Unreal Editor to launch on Wednesday, it’s worth jumping back into the game once it launches to see what new maps and games the most creative players can bang out! Those who manage to get something up very quickly will especially be interesting. We’re essentially going to be seeing Fortnite creative creators competing in an unofficial game jam as they throw up whatever creations they could make in the first day or two!

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