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Esports increases while sports take hit from COVID-19

by Rahul Bhatta

The Overwatch College Clash opening round of UMG Gaming features 8 leading school esports teams in the Activision Blizzard game. In the opening round, the University of Utah claimed the victory over the Mississippi State.

The UMG Gaming is the leading online esports tournament and entertainment site in Torque Esport. More than 1.2 billion page views, 25 million video vision and over 3 million dollars in prize money have been generated by the Platform.

Last week, as “Staying at home economy” expands, UMG has enjoyed massive growth. In the last seven days UMG’s website visits increased by 52 percent, average logged-in users grew by 38 percent and video views grew amazingly by 3.600 percent on its Twitter @UMGGaming.

This week, UMG has been launching a college sports team contest for the Rocket League to take part in the Overwatch University Clash Turnier.

The Race All-Star Esports Battle Saturday’s second-round drew massive attention from world drivers, foreign sim riders and worldwide racing fans.

More drivers, including the F1 star and Le Mans champion Nico Hulkenberg and Indy 500 legend Tony Kanaan, were featured on Saturday on the Indianapolis Motor Road Speedway virtual version. In all, more than 1200 race starters took part in Formula 1, IndyCar and Formula E and over 50 race win in the 40-star international field.

Stream Hatchet also recorded huge esports in gamer activity from Torque Esports ‘ game stream data monitoring and analysis experts. Although gaming streaming continuous to rise last year, the growth in the market is almost twice that for March 2020 year by year with YouTube Gaming and the Microsoft Mixer competing with Twitch in November 2019.

Torque’s Eden Games gaming studio in France reported a huge upward trend of 216 percent in March downloads. The third season of the Torque World’s Fastest Gamer competition is expected to intensify this spike.

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