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Where to Get 3 New Fortnite Force Powers and Lightsabers To Win

by Ashley

Fortnite’s latest update has included a huge new event, with some of the more fun Mythics added to the game for the last few seasons. The new Fortnite force powers and lightsabers are spicing up the normal Star Wars content. These aren’t just a unique attack, they level up half of your core movement mechanics in-game! This means if you want to keep winning Victory Royales in Fortnite, you’ll need to get the hang of the Force powers and how you can find them all.

The new Force powers are being distributed in a pretty weird way. They’re not in general loot or from taking down a boss. Instead, you’ve got to go through a rift and chose a master to raise you in the Jedi arts! If you want to make sure you’re finding these in every single game, it’s worth learning where to find the Fortnite force powers.

We’ll cover what you need to know to get the most out of the Fortnite X Star Wars Chapter 4 event. This is how all the force powers work, where you can find them and the new mechanics introduced.

Where to Get Fortnite Force Powers

Fortnite Force Powers and Lightsabers

The Fortnite Force powers and lightsabers are going to be dominating games in the rest of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. How can you make sure you’re getting them every single game though? They have a simple location, but one that can often be a bit unpredictable.

The Fortnite Force powers aren’t a standalone item like superpowers or other elemental Mythics we’ve seen in the past Instead, they’re tied to the lightsabers in-game. When you get a lightsaber through the portals that have popped up on the map, you’ll have to select one of three options to choose which Fortnite force power you’ll find. Then, you’ll emerge from the portal with both a lightsaber and your chosen power.

So how to get Fortnite force powers really comes down to getting a lightsaber.

Where to Get Fortnite Lightsabers

Fortnite lightsabers have a whole new way of being unlocked in the latest season. There is now an option outside of just grabbing one from loot. You’ll need to track down one of the portals that have opened up around the map. To do this, first, you need to find a hologram.

These will be marked on the map just a little bit after you hop into the game. Head over to the lightsaber marker, and engage with the hologram. You’ll then start your Jedi Training.

In essence, this is being put into a rift for a few seconds to get your items before being pulled out of a rift! Once you emerge, you’re going to have a new lightsaber and a force power!

That’s how you can collect them. You’ll need to find a specific hologram if you’re looking for one Force power over another though.

What are the Fortnite Force Powers?

Fortnite Force Powers and Lightsabers

There are Fortnite force powers that have been added to the game with the latest update. There are three which you’ll receive depending on your choice of master in the training rift. However, two more are going to be active for every lightsaber wielder for the entire game.

These are the three main Force powers and how you grab them.

  • Pull – Pull things with the force, get this from Obi-Wan
  • Push – Push things with the force, get this from Anakin
  • Throw – Throw things, get this one from Darth Maul

Alongside these three Fortnite force powers that you have to get through your pick of hologram, there are two more. When you have a lightsaber equipped, you’ll automatically have a double jump along with a doubled sprinting speed! These are two boosts which everyone with a lightsaber has. Since these can level up your gameplay across the entire round, they’re worth having even if you don’t want to make much use of the lightsaber. This does mean losing another inventory slot, which might be a pain if you’re banking on using the Fortnite ODM gear too.

Fortnite Force Powers and Lightsabers

How to Use the Lightsabers

The Fortnite force powers are fun, and they’ll have some uses in the game. The lightsabers are going to be coming up a lot more in combat though. While cool, the force powers make you a bit of a sitting duck while you’re using them. It’s not like Epic’s thrown in the force choke or anything! If you want to make the most of all this kit, the lightsabers are going to be of greater use in most firefights.

The lightsabers have two primary functions. The first is as a Melee weapon. Kind of similar to the Fortnite Kinetic Blade. You can use the attack mode to swing at opponents with the lightsaber. After a few slashes, this will lock into a combo. While it deals a lot of damage, be careful as the animation wind-ups can keep you locked for a little while.

The secondary function is to block gunfire. This is really useful. You can hold down the secondary fire to block all incoming bullets. It isn’t infinite though, eventually, you’ll drop your guard. If you’re blocking fire this way, make a plan to switch to the offensive or get to cover. The block won’t last forever.

How to Counter the Lightsabers

Fortnite Force Powers and Lightsabers

On the other side of the coin, it can be really frustrating to fight players with Fortnite force powers and lightsabers. When you’re shooting at them, they can block all shots, then start throwing stuff around with the force. Pretty annoying if you’re focused on just getting your shots in for traditional Fortnite gameplay.

If you’re up against a player who just won’t stop spamming the block shots option, there are some things you can do. The best gun to get around the block is to use an SMG. It has a fast fire rate. This can overwhelm the block the quickest. If you make use of one of the newer Fortnite Augments for extra damage at the end of the clip, you can get decent damage in with a single round before switching to a shotgun for the follow-up.

A lot of lightsaber players are just looking for a sword fight. This can get boring when the event runs week after week. That’s how you can play against them if you get sick of playing Star Wars after a few weeks!

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