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The Sword and Shield of Pokémon may have a autosave function

by Ben Hill

Fans of Pokemon may have found out that the latest trailer has a new feature that is added to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Just as the trainer goes into the shop, the “Now save…” signal appears shortly in the bottom corner of the display with Nintendo Direct trailer at the 45-second limit. This resulted in many individuals to think that Sword and Shield could be autosaved.

Naturally, the footage can appear soon after the user rescued the match, like other matches operated in the past, but the reality that the text says “Now Saving” for this scenario would be an impressive term decision.

Although the norm in many games is self-saving, it is the first time that this feature has been implemented by the central Pokémon RPG, because the game depended on manual savings for the last two centuries.

Auto-saves are also part of the Pokémon user list of issues, in particular, those who would like to re-establish their games when they are brightly hunting or looking for Pokémon with special nature. Theoretically, the play could save a player from advancement while or after the match.

Most competitors hope that auto-saving is an additional function, rather than a compulsory function, that it is included.

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