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The Benefits of Esports in Schools

by eSportsJunkie Staff

When we think of children and young people building up a portfolio of skills in school, often the older generation will focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. However, life is moving on and technology is taking over our lives at an alarming rate. As such many might even argue that it is more important to be tech-savvy rather than skilled at handwriting and mental maths. Especially as we have spell checkers and calculators at our disposal 24/7. 

If you talk to most youngsters, many will cite that one of their favourite outside activities to partake in is gaming. Many describe themselves as avid eSports fans. There has often been conflict between schools and gaming. Education industry expert, a professional essay writer from CustomWritings.com has vocalised her belief that there are lots of benefits to incorporating eSports within the school environment. As someone that offers help and a well-respected writing service for professional and academic papers, she believes that we need to look at how we can harness this skill and passion to help rather than hinder their educational progress.

Extra-Curricular Interest Is Beneficial

Educators know that taking part in extracurricular activities can actually boost a student’s success. No matter what it is. Numerous studies have shown that students that have interests outside of school usually have much more success in all sorts of ways. If teachers successfully manage to integrate eSports into the classroom, then kids will become more involved and engaged, studies have shown that they improve in academia, such as reading and mathematics – and they start to care more about their overall education. This can also lead to them gaining more self-belief and self-worth, which would deter them from taking up more harmful behaviours such as drinking and smoking etc.

Students Can Learn Valuable Skills from PLaying ESports In School

But – what exactly can they learn from this pastime? Obviously, it won’t teach them Shakespeare – or grammar even. However, it is intuitive. Many eSports are team sports and these can teach valuable skills. Often, parents will encourage their children to join a sports team for this very reason. Participating in a team sport can provide a different way to teach vital lessons and life skills essential for getting by outside of the classroom environment. Any skills that are practised and developed in a sports team will apply also to esports. These skills include:

The Ability to Work With Others

Working well with other people doesn’t always come naturally to many people. This often required the development of a host of different skills. It requires the ability to communicate well, and be assertive but also to understand the art of compromise. It also helps with conflict management, to help show others respect and to understand how to be an active listener.

Honing Social Skills

Social skills are the building blocks of being able to build and sustain interpersonal relationships. These are also vital for working well with teammates and team leaders. As well as those noted in the first point, other social skills gained from Esports might include the ability to be courteous. Understand your tone of voice, refrain from interrupting others., knowing how and when to share your ideas. For many young people, these aren’t natural skills. Joining a school eSports team can provide them with the perfect environment to learn and practise such skills.

Understanding Strategic Thinking and Planning

Esports require students to set goals, assess their competition and take into account and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. Working as part of a team, a student will learn to establish tactics and come up with effective game plans that they can adjust as necessary. Being a quick and strategic thinker is vital in all team sports, including eSports.

Learning How to Manage Success… And Defeat

All team sports can teach you the lesson that life doesn’t always go how you want it to go – and that life isn’t always fair. No matter how much time you put in to prepare, you aren’t guaranteed success. Learning to effectively manage your emotions, whether you win or lose, can help build resilience.

Time Management Skills

If you want to be a part of a school sports team or eSports team, then they will need to keep up with their academia as well. This means that they will need to give that time and attention as well. As such, it teaches them how to organize their time and learn the art of time management. 

Travel Experience

School sports teams and eSports teams will need to travel to tournaments each season. This gives them the opportunity to learn how to plan, schedule, budget, pack and manage all the ins and outs of regular travel. This may require the use of public transport – and if in a foreign environment they may need to learn to adjust to different regional cultures. They may also be required to share with a roomie – always a testing task! This can teach critical thinking, fortitude and adaptability.

Learning Positive Values

Team sports is the perfect opportunity for leaders to instil positive values in the team members. Standards of behaviour should always be met – such as respect, fairness and good sportsmanship. Values such as fun, honesty, persistence and healthy competition can improve the student’s life way beyond school

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