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How To Get More Assists In 7.33B Patch

by Chetan Shekar

Getting more assists with Dota 2 heroes can be a crucial step toward winning more matches in the 7.33b patch.

The New Frontiers map has provided a vast number of objects that you can interact with in the game. These interactive objects can increase your chances of getting kills and assists to gain an upper hand in matches. The 7.33b patch lets players collect Shield runes to protect support heroes from  being killed early in team fights.

Support heroes play a vital role in your team. These characters can defend enemy towers and guard their allies using their skills to defeat their enemies in battles. You can attack the Tormentors after the first 20 minutes of a match have elapsed to gain an Aghanim’s Shard for your support heroes.

Find out how you can play heroes to get more assists in the latest version of Dota 2.

Stun Enemies Frequently

Centaur Warrunner stuns Zeus using Hoof Stomp

You can cast a wide range of skills to stun enemies in battles. The cast range of your abilities and the amount of time it can leave enemies stunned can matter to a large extent in team fights. Dota 2 has an amazing roster of heroes who specialize in stunning enemy heroes.

Centaur Warrunner is a Strength hero and a durable tank. He has 714 health and 255 mana pool at the start of a match. You can stun enemy heroes using Hoof Stomp with Centaur Warrunner to deal 300 damage to enemies in a radius of 350. Enemy units stunned by Hoof Stomp are stunned for up to 2.2 seconds in lanes. Hoof Stomp has a cooldown of 12 seconds and needs 130 mana to be used per cast. You can increase the duration of stun dealt by Hoof Stomp at level 25 through the Talent Tree to get more assists in Dota 2 games with the tank hero in the 7.33b patch.

You can cast Centaur Warrunner’s ulti, Stampede, to increase the movement speed of allies to its maximum for 4.5 seconds. Centaur Warrunner can trample his opponents in battles by activating Stampede before crushing them with a Hoof Stomp to stun his enemies. Stampede has a cooldown of 100 seconds and allows allies of Centaur Warrunner to avoid being destroyed by enemy heroes in the New Frontiers map.

You can also buy a Blink Dagger for Centaur Warrunner to initiate fights using a Hoof Stomp. He can deal over 300 damage to enemy heroes using Double Edge to weaken them. Players can use a combination of Hoof Stomp and Double Edge with Centaur Warrunner to gain more assists.

Gyrocopter is a carry hero that you can choose to stun your enemies frequently throughout the game. He can cast Homing Missile to deal 360 damage and stun enemy heroes for 2.6 seconds. It can take up to 3 hits from enemy units to destroy a Homing Missile before it reaches its target. Homing Missile has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 150 mana to be used per cast. You can nuke enemy heroes with Rocket Barrage to deal 24 damage per rocket to enemies in battles.

The Agility hero can launch his ulti, Call Down, to deal up to 700 magical damage to his opponents. Enemy units hit by Call Down can have their movement speed decreased by 60% for a few seconds, providing plenty of assists to people while playing Gyrocopter.

You can stun enemy heroes for up to 2.4 seconds using Cursed Crown with Dark Willow. She can cast Cursed Crown once every 12 seconds to stun her opponents in battles. Enemy units around the target in a radius of 360 can also be stunned by Cursed Crown, making it tremendously useful in team fights. Dark Willow can cast Bramble Maze to root enemies for 2.5 seconds, letting your carry heroes fight enemies trapped by Dark Willow for easy kills.

Dark Willow can become immune to physical damage using Shadow Realm. She can deal up to 360 damage per spell using Shadow Realm after 3.5 seconds of casting the ability. Shadow Realm has a cooldown of 14 seconds and can be used to prevent getting killed by enemies in Dota 2 games.

Pick Disablers to Weaken Your Foes

Shadow Shaman shackles Necrophos in the top lane

Disablers can turn matches into a breeze for your team in the new update. Lion is a disabler who can turn enemies into critters using Hex. Enemy units affected by Hex will be disabled for 3.2 seconds, preventing them from casting their spells or attacking your allies for the duration of the spell. Lion can cast Mana Drain to absorb up to 120 mana per second for 5 seconds. You can reduce the movement speed of enemy heroes by 35% with Lion while Mana Drain is active.

Lion’s ulti, Finger of Death, can be used to deal more than 850 damage to enemy heroes. The massive amount of damage dealt using Finger of Death is bound to provide more assists to players in Dota 2 matches. Finger of Death has a cooldown of 40 seconds and adds up to 40 damage per kill.

Shadow Shaman is a support hero with multiple abilities that can disable his enemies. He can cast Hex on his enemies to interrupt their channeling abilities and weaken their armor in battles. Shadow Shaman can latch onto his opponents using Shackles to disable them for up to 4.2 seconds. Enemy units shackled by Shadow Shaman take up to 270 damage.

You can cast Ether Shock on disabled enemies to deal 320 damage with Shadow Shaman. Ether Shock can hit up to 9 enemy units at once. Shadow Shaman can plant his ulti, Mass Serpent Ward, on the ground to summon up to 10 serpents that deal 120 attack damage per hit. These serpents last for 45 seconds and increases your chances of getting assists in battles. Many people choose Shadow Shaman to get more assists in the 7.33b patch without running out of mana. You can purchase items like an Arcane Boots to increase the mana pool of Shadow Shaman by 250. Shadow Shaman can replenish up to 175 mana to his allies around him in a radius of 1200 to get more assists.

Cast Abilities That Have A Large Area of Effect

Tidehunter gets an assist by stunning Death Prophet with Ravage

A good strategy to increase the number of assists in Dota 2 matches is by casting spells that affect enemy units in a large radius. Heroes like Outworld Destroyer can deal 400 base damage and an additional damage based on the difference of Intelligence between him and his enemies using Sanity’s Eclipse. Outworld Destroyer’s ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, has a 600 area of effect, making it lethal to enemies in the new update. You can get loads of assists in battles while playing Outworld Destroyer in Dota 2.

Tidehunter can enter battles to prevent his allies from being decimated. His ulti, Ravage, can be used to stun all enemy units around Tidehunter in a radius of 1250 for up to 2.4 seconds. Enemy units stunned by Tidehunter can take up to 450 damage from the spell. Ravage has a cooldown of 150 seconds and needs 325 mana to be used per cast. You can use an Overwhelming Blink to jump into battles with Tidehunter before casting Ravage on them to get plenty of assists.

Players can purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter for Tidehunter to upgrade his ability, Gush. You can use Gush to damage all enemies in front of Tidehunter in a radius of 2200 to deal 260 damage. Enemy units hit by Gush have their armor reduced by 6 for 4.5 seconds, letting your allies get fast kills against the enemy team. The upgraded Gush has a low cooldown of 7 seconds. Aghanim’s Scepter can be bought for 4200 gold in the game.

You can choose Treant Protector to cast abilities that affect multiple enemy heroes. You can cast Nature’s Grasp to slow enemies by 35% for 12 seconds with Treant Protector. Once enemy heroes are slowed by Nature’s Grasp, Treant Protector can activate his ulti, Overgrowth, to root all enemies around him in a radius of 800. Rooted enemies take up to 85 damage per second (DPS) from Treant Protector. You can cast Living Armor of your allies while playing Treant Protector to save your teammates for more assists in the 7.33b patch.

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