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Dota 2 Pro ‘Taiga’ Allegedly Involved in Match-Fixing Scandal

by Sonu Banerjee

Norwegian Dota 2 pro Tommy “Taiga” Le has recently found himself hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons after a damaging video of him being allegedly involved in match-fixing surfaced online.

The video posted by content creator Morf on his YouTube channel aims to showcase how Taiga was involved in match-fixing during his days with the OG Dota 2 roster.

In his video, Morf presented compelling evidence provided by Valve-banned player Alexander “Sensibility” Filatov. Sensibility alleged that he and Taiga were accomplices during his time at OG. According to him, Taiga initially supplied insider knowledge, eventually escalating to involvement in spot-fixing during matches, including manipulation of aspects like First Blood.

The situation swiftly escalated to the point where Taiga had to share his screen with Sensibility during his games. According to Taiga, he was blackmailed by Sensibility with the threat of exposing their previous misdeeds.

As claimed by Sensibility, Taiga eventually ceased collaboration with him and allegedly resumed match-fixing activities, this time through a different intermediary. This purported action prompted Sensibility to come forward and expose Taiga.

Taiga has not responded to Morf’s video at the time of writing. 

OG has released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) addressing the matter. They disclosed that upon hearing rumors regarding Taiga’s alleged involvement in the match-fixing scandal in 2023, they had notified the relevant event organizers, including PGL. Following this, they suspended the player and launched a thorough investigation.

Despite their efforts, no substantial evidence supporting the allegations was uncovered. Consequently, the organization refrained from making any assertions that could potentially harm the 25-year-old’s career.

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