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Dota 2 Drow Ranger Guide

by Chetan Shekar

You can use these strategies to get triple kills in team fights with Drow Ranger in Dota 2. 

There are loads of updates being rolled out to keep people interested in Dota 2 and the heroes available to play in the online game. The latest 7.32 E update for the strategy game has made a new mini-game, the Dead Reckoning, to engage newcomers and veteran gamers. 

People can play their favorite heroes in Dota 2 to get more assists and kills in their matches to win the Dead Reckoning challenge. You get rewarded with 1 point for an assist and 2 points for kills against specific enemy heroes during the Dead Reckoning that can be acquired between March 06 – April 04, 2023. Players can choose to carry heroes like Muerta and Drow Ranger to gain more points for the Dead Reckoning while partying with their friends.   

Here’s an elaborate guide to help you get Triple Kills with Drow Ranger to win the Dead Reckoning mini-game in your online matches.  

Drow Ranger – Shoot Multiple Arrows to Annihilate Enemies

Drow Ranger hits enemies with Frost Arrows to slow them during battles

Drow Ranger is a highly-rated carry hero in Dota 2. She can punish enemies with Frost Arrows that can slow the movement of her opponents. You can pick Drow Ranger in battles to increase your chances of getting Killing Sprees, Double Kills, and Triple Kills in battles. 

People can farm more gold in the safe lane with Drow Ranger to buy key items early in the game. The safe lane provides access to a number of neutral creep camps that can be wiped out within a few seconds with Drow Ranger. She has a range of 625 on her physical attacks, making Drow Ranger a dangerous hero to encounter in lanes. You can use the range of her attacks to strike enemy creeps without taking damage from melee heroes in the enemy team. 

Drow Ranger has a base health of 520 and a base mana pool of 255 at the start of the game. You can increase the attack damage of Drow Ranger during the first few minutes of a match by purchasing a Wraith Band. Drow Ranger gains 5 attack speed, 5 Agility, 2 Strength, 2 Intelligence, and 2 armor by equipping a Wraith Band in her inventory. 

Players can level up Frost Arrows for Drow Ranger to drastically impact the movement of enemy heroes in lanes. You can max out Frost Arrows for the Agility hero to deal up to 24 bonus damage to enemy units with her attacks. Enemy units hit by Frost Arrows have their movement speed reduced by 55% for 7 seconds. Frost Arrows can be stacked and deal an additional 5 damage per stack. Each Frost Arrow drawn from Drow Ranger’s quiver can cost 12 mana, requiring her to carry a few Clarity points and Enchanted Mangoes to replenish her mana between battles. 

Drow Ranger – Silence Enemies to Get Triple Kills

You can use Gust against nukers in lanes to survive longer with Drow Ranger. She can cast Gust to silence enemy heroes for up to 6 seconds, pushing back her opponents for up to a distance of 450. Many players use Gust to save their allies from being killed in combat. Gust can be used from a number of different positions on the map to overwhelm enemy heroes with Drow Ranger in Dota 2. Gust has a cooldown of 13 seconds and requires 70 mana to be used per cast. 

Gust can be quite resourceful to Drow Ranger while hunting down heroes in her matches. She can use Gust on multiple enemy heroes to prevent them from using spells to deal damage to Drow Ranger and her allies. Drow Ranger gains 10% movement speed by using Gust in battles. You can increase the movement speed boost granted by Gust by an additional 15% at level 10. The Talent Tree also lets Drow Ranger reveal invisible units using Gust in team fights. She can easily counter invisible enemy heroes like Riki and Clinkz to get multiple kills in Dota 2 games. Make sure you have toggled on Frost Arrows before using Gust to increase your chances of getting Triple Kills with Drow Ranger. 

Multishot is the most effective ability you can unlock to gain Triple Kills with the Agility hero. You can release up to 3 waves of arrows using Multishot with Drow Ranger which deal a bonus damage of 160% per wave. Players can shoot multiple waves of Frost Arrows to restrict the movement of their opponents with Drow Ranger in team fights. Multishot has a cooldown of 20 seconds and needs 110 mana to be used per cast. You can focus your attacks on enemy heroes with low health to get fast kills after launching Multishot.  

Her ulti, Marksmanship, makes the physical attacks of Drow Ranger fatal against her enemies. She gains a 40% chance to deal bonus damage of 80 to enemy units by maxing out Marksmanship in Dota 2. The passive ability also provides up to 50% Agility as a bonus to Drow Ranger and her allies in a radius of 1200. Getting Triple Kills can be much easier by attacking enemy heroes with your team while playing Drow Ranger. 

You can purchase key items like Manta Style and Silver Edge for Drow Ranger to keep the kill counts intact. Manta Style costs 4600 gold in the game. Drow Ranger gains 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed by purchasing a Manta Style. You can summon 2 illusions of Drow Ranger with the item that deals 28% of her attack damage to enemy units. These images created by Manta Style last for up to 20 seconds. You can use Manta Style after using Gust to attack and annihilate enemy heroes within a few hits. 

Drow Ranger can carry a Silver Edge in her inventory to avoid getting killed by enemy heroes. You can buy a Silver Edge to improve your chances of winning the Dead Reckoning in Dota 2 matches. Silver Edge grants 52 attack damage and 35 attack speed to Drow Ranger. You can activate Shadow Walk by using Silver Edge to turn Drow Ranger invisible for 14 seconds. The first hit from Drow Ranger’s quiver deals a bonus damage of 175 and up to 160% critical damage after breaking her invisibility. It will also disable the passive abilities of enemy heroes for 4 seconds, giving Drow Ranger and her teammates adequate time to destroy carry heroes in battles. 

Best Allies for Drow Ranger


Gyrocopter helps Drow Ranger get Tripe Kills in team fights

Gyrocopter can help Drow Ranger increase her kill counts in her matches. The Agility hero can launch several projectiles in battles to deal damage to multiple enemies. Allies can use Rocket Barrage to deal 24 damage per rocket. Gyrocopter can release up to 10 rockets per second using Rocket Barrage to drain the health of his opponents. 

Players can stun enemy heroes in lanes by using Homing Missile on them with Gyrocopter. Homing Missile deals 360 damage and can stun enemy heroes for up to 3 seconds. People can turn on Flak Cannon to hit all enemy units around Gyrocopter in a radius of 1000 using the passive ability. Drow Ranger can use Gust to silence her opponents while Gyrocopter engages with the enemy team. 

He can use his ulti, Call Down, to deal up to 700 damage to all enemies in a radius of 600. Enemy units hit by Call Down will be slowed, giving Drow Ranger a chance to release waves of Multishot to get Triple Kills before her enemies can escape from her sight. 

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