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Worlds 2019 Group Stage Opens With Strong Viewership: Top Twitch Channels, Oct. 7 – 13

by Max Miceli

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Riot Games led all channels as the group stage of the League of Legends World Championship opened up over the weekend. 

Meanwhile, the ESL Pro League Season 10 regionals opened up competition with events in Europe, the Americas, and Oceania, with Asian regionals set to begin this week. 

Additionally, Turner “Tfue” Tenney made his first return to the top 10 following a short hiatus from streaming in September.

The following channels are ranked according to the total number of hours watched on Twitch from Monday to the following Sunday, with data compiled using TEO Access.

Start a Riot


Riot Games’ channel led Twitch this past week as the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2019) opened up its group stage. Prior to this week, a handful of LoL esports channels produced notable viewership with several play-in matches for Worlds taking place. 

However, with the event truly beginning in earnest this past weekend, top competitors have drawn a more sizeable viewership total to Riot Games’ channel. Popular teams like Cloud9, G2 Esports, SK Telecom T1, Invictus Gaming, and Team Liquid have all helped give the event a boost in viewers that will likely make it the most-watched event on Twitch for weeks to come. 

So far, live competition on Saturday and Sunday generated an average of 235K and 224K concurrent viewers, respectively. This is up from the play-in stages that averaged 95-96K CCV earlier in the week. 

Leave it to the Pros


The ESL Pro League began Season 10 this past week with competition opening up for European, American, and Oceanic regions (the Asian region begins playing this week), and while the ESL Pro League doesn’t hold the clout of a “Major,” its still seen as one of the top events of the year for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This week, ESL’s CS:GO channel was only outperformed by Riot Games. Though competition in the Pro League is just getting underway, the event’s first few days of live competition have averaged between 15K-34K CCV. 

While there are a number of teams involved in Worlds, top competitors like mousesports, FaZe Clan, Evil Geniuses, MiBR, and Astralis serve as heavy-hitting draws for the event. 

Personal Time


Following a break in streaming for most of September, Turner “Tfue” Tenney made a return to the top 10 list of most-watched streamers for the first time since Sept. 2-8. Tenney made his return to Twitch on Oct. 1, but didn’t make the top 10 that week

However, following the beginning of an in-game Fortnite event called “The End,” Tenney saw an enormous boost to viewership with a stream on Sunday that averaged 156K CCV across 8.5 hours of airtime. 

For a while, there was speculation that a new “season” of in-game content was coming to Fortnite shortly, and in the typical fashion that Epic Games likes to release its content, the developer has created a grand event surrounding potential new content. 

Beginning on Sunday, Fortnite servers went down, and the only thing that players can see when opening Fortnite was a black screen with what appears to be something akin to either a blackhole or full eclipse. 

The general lack of information on the in-game event has caused an abundance of speculation by the community and in-turn streamers like Tenney ended up with strong viewership for fans looking to understand what exactly is going on. 

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