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Valve bans over 300,000 CSGO hackers in a massive VAC wave

by Bharat Kotwani

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Valve is banning more than 300,000 players that cheated in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of a VAC ban wave as part of its ongoing crackdown on malicious actors in the game.

CSGO is a popular shooter game that has lured millions of gamers. However, increased popularity spells hackers and cheaters who ruin the experience.

Paired with CSGO’s free-to-play status, the game is riddled with cheats, and Valve ignores it. On the other hand, the developer is now taking action against malicious actors and has banned thousands of hackers.

A new study from CSGOstats.gg has shown that the developer has banned over 304,000 cheats in just three months. This information was released in the report. This is one of several significant efforts to remove hackers from the game.

The online multiplayer game CSGO has a significant cheating problem that is frequently overlooked. Consequently, the number of hackers in CSGO has obviously risen over the years. Valve is finally taking action, according to Steam data.

According to CSGO numbers, the developer has been banning as many as 9,000 hackers every day. The constant pace has resulted in around 304,655 bans in the past three months. When taking into account the decline in CSGO’s player base that occurred in 2022, that is a really large figure.

While many have gone on to other games, others who still enjoy CSGO are forced to leave owing to blatant cheaters.

The study revealed a rise in the months of July and September, with prohibitions almost surpassing 10,000 in a single day. If VAC bans were handed out more liberally, it would undoubtedly have a negative effect on the gameplay over the next few months. The tweak may inspire gamers to give matchmaking another chance after using FACEIT and ESEA.

In 2017, Valve added Trust Factor, a matchmaking system that takes into consideration players’ previous experience in CS:GO. Matchmaking in CSGO relies heavily on this technique to weed out hackers, thus they’re never fully gone. They just keep spreading their infestation throughout lobbies with a low Trust Factor.

On the other hand, the most recent wave of VAC bans will result in severe consequences because these bans are permanent, they cannot be negotiated, and they are nearly never lifted. In the coming weeks and months, it is hoped that players will have fewer encounters with hackers.

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