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Top Rising Stars In Esports Today 2020

by Benjamin
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Top Rising Stars in eSports Today


With the increasing popularity of eSports globally, a lot of the prominent people who participate in eSports manage to garner large followings and go on to establish a firm presence on the scene. With the global pandemic, the sharp increase in interest in eSports has further increased the exposure and recognition for these rising stars of eSports in recent times.  Let’s take a look at our list of the Top Rising Stars In Esports Today.


Being a top eSports star is by no means an easy task. A lot of hard work, practice, and strategy-building goes into achieving sustained success. Rising eSports stars bring dedication, exemplary work ethics, and interesting personalities that can really create and hold interest. Let us take a look, then, at some of the most prominent rising stars in eSports today and find out what makes them names to reckon with.


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Dominique McLean aka SonicFox


When it comes to fighting games, it is hard to find a player with as much raw talent as SonicFox. Widely regarded as someone who can pick up any new fighting game and immediately start playing at a high level, SonicFox is on their way to achieving legendary status in a number of eSports titles. This versatility, combined with their colorful personality and attire, makes them a veritable star for the future.


So far, fans and followers have recognized SonicFox for their prowess in games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us. SonicFox has already received the “eSports Console Player of the Year” award for 2019 and looks destined for even greater things in the future.


Luka Perkovic aka Perkz


This Croatian League of Legends player has already established himself as a mainstay of the competitive eSports realm with memorable performances and a cult following. His flexibility and talent in the game have only been replicated at the same level by very few others.


Some of the best performances from Perkz have come in crunch situations. Apart from sustained success in competitive events, one of the most memorable facts about Perkz is his move from the mid lane to the bottom lane in 2019 – a strategic move that proved to be sheer genius. His craft and skill while playing at the bottom lane brought meteoric success to his team and he has since switched back to playing middle lane.


A consummate professional with real dedication and hard work, Perkz is certainly one to watch going forward.


Rasmus Winther aka Caps


Another rising star on his way to legend status in the realm of League of Legends, the consensus holds Caps as one of the best to ever play the game. Always known as a rising star with colorful habits and personality traits, Caps is known for creative and innovative play and a penchant for bending the rules. Indeed, some of his plays look highly improbable and even downright impossible due to their sheer genius.


While the World Championship has so far eluded Caps and his team, he is truly the very definition of a rising star in the field of eSports and someone who is poised to set new standards of excellence and creativity in the coming years.


Andreas Hojsleth aka Xyp9x


While Xyp9x has been a mainstay of the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive circuit for a while now, it is his recent exploits that have forced eSports fans, old and new, to bestow him renewed focus and interest. The interesting moniker he adopts was apparently a result of random typing on the keyboard. Now, it is a moniker most eSports fans are familiar with.


Xyp9x is hailed as one of the masters of clutch play and has achieved resounding success in many tournaments, gathering large amounts of prize money and followers. With excellent records in the last couple of years, 2020 seems to be a breakout year for this rising star with renewed interest in eSports and subsequent mainstream adoption of eSports tournaments. This is definitely a rising star who can reach cult status in a few years.


Johan Sundstein aka N0tail


For people interested in professional DOTA 2 leagues, N0tail is a household name already at 26 years of age. This Danish rising star has already captured two International DOTA 2 tournaments in the last couple of years and looks set to keep replicating this level of success at the biggest stages in the world.


After the resounding success in the last couple of years, N0tail looks poised to keep going and his team has been significantly revamped this year – a harbinger of more successful title bids in the future. He is the first-ever two-time winner of the DOTA 2 International and the sky seems to be the limit in the future.


Oleksandr Kostyliev aka s1mple


The 2018 eSports PC Player of the Year is one of the consensus best to have ever played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at a competitive level. With impeccable knowledge of the game, technique, and aim, S1mple would look to add to his trophy case in 2020 and beyond with his poise, dedication, and hard work.


While the trophy case of this Ukrainian star is not as full as some of the other legends of the game, s1mple looks well-set to rise above his past issues which have sometimes got him into trouble. If his form in the last couple of years is any indication, eSports fans would be in for a long and successful ride with much to expect from this rising star in the near future.


Bang Sung-hyeon aka JJonak


In the world of competitive Overwatch, JJonak is a shining example of what skill, practice, and hard work can achieve. After playing and winning several Overwatch tournaments, JJonak sits pretty on the top of the rankings and can certainly be considered one of the top rising eSports stars of 2020.


While JJonak mostly plays a supporting role in his team, his uncharacteristically aggressive play is what sets him apart. His performances have been hailed by critics and fans as some of the most entertaining and valuable in the realm of Overwatch. His long-range aiming and trick shots are often better than even players focused on damage roles.


A Final Note On The Top Rising Stars In Esports Today

With the rising interest in eSports and a significant increase in its mainstream appeal, it can be said that these rising eSports stars would continue to break new ground in 2020 and beyond, earning more money and inviting more fans to the exciting world of competitive eSports.


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