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The winners and the losers of BLAST Pro Series Madrid – esportsjunkie

by Shehryar Raza

The BLAST Pro Series took place last weekend at Madrid Arena. The competition left us with many surprises some of those will truly go down in the history books of CS: GO. In this article we are going to analyze which teams are looking in better shape after this event, as well as the team that will not be so happy with their results.


There is no doubt that what was achieved by ENCE in the BLAST Pro Series in Madrid will be remembered in many years to come. The Finnish team managed to beat  Astralis in the final that was the recap of the last major, where the Danes took the trophy. But, in Madrid, the story had a different ending. ENCE managed to defeat Astralis on Nuke, the map on which the Danes  had been undefeated for several months.

The team led by Jani ” Aerial ” Jussila, who was named MVP of the tournament, pocketed $ 125,000. This title victory in the biggest achievement of the Finnish side in the competitive landscape of CS: GO.

Vodafone Giants

The Spanish club, with a Portuguese roster, surprised everyone by winning the Play-In against the favourite’s Movistar Riders. The team had great support from their fans, who travelled from Portugal to support their players

Vodafone Giants started the Play-In final by winning 16-14 on Nuke after a spectacular comeback. On the Movistar Rider’s map, Overpass, the riders prevailed by a solid 10-16 score. Therefore, a third map, was needed to decide which team would participate in the main event. Vodafone Giants signed started off well with a 12-3 lead break and exhibited a solid defense by winning 16-12. The side barely lost on the mainstage to Cloud 9, 16-14. Yet they completely outplayed one of the most successful teams in the competitive landscape, 16-4 with MuTiRiS getting 30 kills to his name.


Cloud9 showed again that they still need time to find their way back into the competitive landscape. The American team was only able to win against Vodafone Giants, the rest four games ended with defeats. A few days ago, in the ECS Season 7 of North America the side lost two games against lower tier teams which ended their hopes of qualifying for the championship finals.

We also cannot forget the fact that Cloud9 was in last place in the BLAST Pro Series Miami. Before that, the NA side was eliminated in the group phase of the IEM Katowice. They also lost the final of the ELEAGUE and was out of the iBUYPOWER Masters in the group stage. This just prove that  2019 is not the year for Cloud 9.

BLAST Pro Series Madrid final standings:

  1. ENCE – $ 125,000, 10 points  (but will not be awarded since they are not part of the circuit)
  2. Astralis – $ 50,000, 8 points
  3. NiP – $ 25,000 (+ $ 20,000 Stand-off), 6 points
  4. Natus Vincere – $ 15,000, 4 points
  5. Cloud9 – $ 10,000, 2 points
  6. Giants – $ 5,000

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