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The Meta Heroes You Should Try Before the New Patch

by Zlosterr

These heroes are dominating the current Dota 2 meta, so be sure to try them out before the nerfs come in the new patch!

Following the start of the 2023 DPC in every region worldwide, we have access to some of the best teams and players. There is one more week to go until Division I, and after that, we will have the chance to watch Division II. 

Aside from keeping an eye on the best players in the world, the DPC also allows us to watch some of the best meta-heroes right now. We thought we wouldn’t see anything new in the DPC because the current patch has been around for a while. However, it seems like this wasn’t the case because the best teams in the world came up with new ideas.

Unsurprisingly, the meta quickly affected pubs, which explains why most of us have to play against interesting heroes in some positions. Speaking of the devil, let’s go through a couple of options that players need to be aware of.

Rubick as a position 4

When it comes down to support, it is safe to say that the current Dota 2 patch allowed us to see tons of heroes in action. Even though each has its pros and cons in some situations, if we look at the pro and pub meta, we can see that one hero stands out. 

Rubick is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the current meta because he is incredibly strong against pretty much everything. The fact that he can steal abilities and use them when needed makes him useful in all sorts of situations. For example, he can steal things like Pulverize from Primal Beast, as well as Black Hole from Enigma.

The only problem with Rubick, and players need to be aware of is that he is not easy to play. In fact, only the best players in the world can take full advantage of what he’s capable of. So, don’t be surprised if the Rubick player on your team is not as good as you expect.

Lina carry

If someone hasn’t played Dota 2 in a while and checks some of the best teams in the world, he will be blown away by the fact that Lina is the top carry right now. Although the hero was the go-to midder and popular support, things have changed. Nowadays, she is one of the best carries in the game.

There are several reasons why the hero is really strong, and one of them is because of her incredible laning stage. You don’t need to be an expert to notice that she can lane against pretty much anything. What’s more, Lina can easily destroy every offlaner, including some of the strongest heroes in the patch. 

After the laning stage is over, Lina can farm fast and clear neutral camps. Although she is fragile, players who get BKB as soon as possible can take fights in the mid-game with little to no problems. 

Of course, when talking about Lina, we need to address the elephant in the room and say that the hero has one of the best single-target ultimates in the game. Even though most people go for the physical damage strategy, the ult remains a powerful weapon in Lina’s arsenal.

Primal Beast in the mid-lane

There are several top-tier mid-laners in the current patch that can work really well.  Even though it all depends on the draft and the heroes that you have to go up against, there is one name that stands out – Primal Beast.

Even though the hero wasn’t that popular when it became available, he quickly rose to the top after the updates in the first couple of days. Today, Primal Beast is probably the strongest melee mid-laner in Dota 2. He is also one of the few heroes that can destroy literally every other melee midder in the game, including DK.

In addition to his dominant laning stage, Primal Beast is also powerful in the mid-game. He can dictate his team’s tempo and give it the needed damage to win fights. Albeit not as good in the late game as other options, most teams who use Primal Beast win before the game reaches this point.

Aside from Primal Beast, Batrider is also an interesting option for a mid-laner in the current meta. Even though his damage output is nowhere near as big as PB’s, he has the ability to win against pretty much anything. What’s more, his ultimate also allows him to land easy kills.

Death Prophet in the offlane

When it comes down to offlaners, we can see that the current meta allows people to use all sorts of options. Some teams focus on the old-school offlaners, such as Tidehunter and Centaur, because they are tough to kill and have stuns. However, they can’t do much against the likes of Lina in the safelane. Consequently, some teams decided to start using DP in this position.

Even though DP isn’t that good early on, the fact that she can sustain herself and clear waves makes her a solid option. Of course, we also need to remember that this is one of the best pushers in Dota 2, which explains why so many players go for it. Once her ultimate is unleashed, she can easily destroy a tower in a matter of seconds.

Another important reason why DP became one of the hot offlaners right now is because of her late game. Unlike some offlaners that aren’t that good, DP can become something like a 2nd mid-lane once she gets enough farm. Speaking of the devil, the items you go for depend on a lot of things, but most pro players focus on team-based things, such as Pipe.

The current Dota 2 patch has been around for several months, which means we expect to see something new soon. Although we do not have any official confirmation, we believe that the new update will arrive prior to the first Major. Of course, Valve may surprise us and give s access to it earlier, so make sure to follow us for more information. 

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