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Square Enix sets up its rampant NFT plans with the help of a key digital token

by Jacob

Unlike most u-turner developers who announced their ventures into the jpeg-filled world, Square Enix has only doubled on it. In an important letter dated New Year’s Day, the president wrote about his interest in the blockchain, and how it’d play a part in the company’s future. Despite the backlash, Square remained on its feet, even though it sold out action figure NFTs at the Square Enix store for upto ten hundred dollar.


However, it’s not stopping here. It was announced today that Square Enix officially joined an Oasys crypto firm that its customers often have strange spellings that are an initial node validator.

“At this stage, Square Enix and Oasys are going to study the feasibility of harnessing user contributions in the development of new games and development on the Oasys blockchain,” said the press release. This is in line with Matsuda’s gag-reflex inducing notion that play can contribute. Basically, Square likes to suggest a single person in a game to contribute to the game and pay it for it. He probably ignored the fact that such many NFT games are not just scams, they look like they were made by the actual bored ape.

I’m a lie: Final Fantasy NFTs Cement Square Enix are the worst in the gaming community.

“I want to join the Oasys team and others in the gaming community on this project,” said Yosuke Saito, director of the Square Enix Blockchain Entertainment. We shared a lot of enthusiasm for online gaming and our futures create exciting partnerships that have us hope to provide lessons for all.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Yosuke Saito worked in the Nier game as a producer. Due to the well-designed game, it would be pretty sad if 2B had to keep killing 9S because he found out that NFTs really could be copied-pasted.

Hey, at least it isn’t as bad as that guy who suggested that people from developing countries could play NPCs in blockchain games. They would be doing this, by running by the train or selling goods, instead of those in developed countries, who would, of course, play the protagonists.

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