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Shroud reveals future plans for Apex Legends – esportsjunkie

by Shehryar Raza

Recently in his stream Shroud has given interesting insights for the future of Apex Legends. Let’s have a look at what he has to say.

Possibility of economy in competitive

Shroud revealed that the developers of Apex Legends considered the possibility of adding an economic system to professional matches, as in CS: GO. Participants in the “royal battle” would earn currency, with which they could buy resources and weapons before the start of each round.

According to Streamer, such a system was planned to be used only in professional matches, in which the series would consist of several rounds. The economic system is not planned to be included in the casual mode. Whether the developers have abandoned this idea or are planning to introduce it in the future with the start of the professional season is yet to be known.

At the moment in Apex Legends there is only a normal mode, where players compete in teams of three. They cannot purchase resources since all the weapons, grenades, etc since they are scattered around the map. The currency that players receive during the game is used only for the purchasing skins.

Shroud not impressed with new legend

A few hours the Canadian streamer admitted to viewers on the broadcast that he did not like the the legend, Wattson, who should appear in Apex Legends in the near future. Grzesik compared him to Caustic and said he hated playing as Watson during testing phase at the Respawn Entertainment office.

Shroud also hinted that Apex Legends fans should not expect something incredible from the next character of the battle royale. The former veteran of CS: GO explained what Apex Legends developers need to do in order for the game to become an eSports discipline. In his opinion, they need to fix the early stage so that in the last round there would be fewer player left.

Shroud has repeatedly participated in the consultations and testing of new Legends to help the developers of Respawn Entertainment. His comments indirectly confirm that Wattson will indeed soon appear in the game and the description of his abilities is similar to the rumors that the character will specialize in electricity.

Immortals invests in Apex Legends

A couple of hours ago, Immortals unveiled its Apex Legends roster. The team take the eighth pace in the ranking of the maximum number of kills in one match.

The roster include Micah, reyn and crust. Crust previously represented  Ghost Gaming , which dismissed the Apex Legends lineup on March 10. The Canadian also ranks fifth in the ranking for the maximum number of single kills in a single match.

The first club to sign up an Apex Legends roster was NRG eSports . Later Team Secret, Alliance, Cloud9, Natus Vincere  and other organizations joined in on the action. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have not yet told about the competitive scene of the it battle royale Apex Legends was released in early February 2019.

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