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Respawn will launch Season Two of Apex Legend at EA Play – esportsjunkie

by Shehryar Raza

The publisher will share details about the second competitive season of Apex Legends at the EA Play event. The event will be held June 8–9 at the Hollywood Palladium Theater in Los Angeles. Whether the details will be published online is yet to known.

If you are a resident of hollywood then you can visit the event for free. For those who do not get on EA Play, the company recommended to follow the updates on its website, where live broadcasts will take place.

The second competition season at Apex Legends will begin on June 7th. Developers from Respawn Entertainment will show a new battle pass during a press conference at E3 2019.

The battle pass of the first season was thought to be a good purchase for those who just started playing Apex Legends. Such users would instantly receive several skins as an incentive not to abandon the game after the first crash.

For more experienced players, the battle pass was  no more than a set of unnecessary skins with a discount and a nice bonus in the form of a great Golden Idol.

Battle pass of Apex Legends had only one task for the players, that was, to study all the legends of the game. It is difficult to call it a serious test, and this approach didn’t add any gameplay diversity.

You can increase the level of combat passes in two ways: buy or play. Raising one level costs 150 Apex coins, for the maximum level, you will need about 14,850 or about 140 Euros. In this case, you can immediately purchase a combat pass of level 25 at a discount for 2,800 coins. There are more than 100 different awards in the battle pass, including Apex coins, images for weapons and legends of different rarities, new phrases, backgrounds for banners, trackers, sets of items, experience boosters and badges. When purchasing a paas, you will immediately receive one skin each for Lifeline, Mirage and Wraith.

We really hope the will be a lot more exciting then the first one. Since it will really be a do or die scenario for Apex Legends.

Echo Fox invests in Apex

Echo Fox has opened a division for Apex Legends. Thelineup includes former professional players in H1Z1: Ludwig “Stormen” Storm, Janne “Ziki” Siomaa and Clement “Clem” Graham.

All three had previously played in the H1Z1 Pro League before its closure at the end of 2018. Stormen and Ziki represented Rogue, which also has a composition by Apex Legends. Meanwhile Clem was a former representative of Team Vitality.

The first club to sign up for Apex Legends was NRG eSports. Later Team Secret, Alliance, Cloud9, Natus Vincere and other organizations opened their divisions of Apex Legends. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have not yet told about the competitive scene of ite battle royale in the Titanfall universe.

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