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Misfits reportedly selling their League of Legends LEC spot

by eSportsJunkie Staff

Even if the team hasn’t been performing that great as of recently, it was still quite shocking to the League of Legends esports community when reports surfaced that Misfits Gaming will be looking to sell their spot in the LEC after being a part of it for over six years. The report was made by Eros, a former Esportsmaniacos contributor, who mentioned that the organization is almost on the verge of selling its LEC slot for a $45-50 million deal.

“Misfits Gaming to leave the LEC for next year, The team has reportedly already sold the LEC spot and a new owner will be announced tomorrow. Sources say that team was pondering several teams including names such as Team Heretics or Karmine Corp” stated Eros on twitter.

As mentioned before, Misfits have not had a good run in the LEC over the last couple of seasons. In 2017, the team reached its peak when they went toe-to-toe with SK Telecom in the World Championship. However, since then, they have had quite an average record in the league, barely managing their way into the playoffs throughout the last two splits. They did not qualify for any of the international League of Legends events in recent seasons, and the organization is likely planning an exit because they are unable to improve on their overall standings.

Eros opened up some details regarding the report on Misfits selling their slot on a recent talk show. He claims the buyout fee will be between $45 and $50 million. It’s important to note here that these are just speculations and unconfirmed reports at this point, and it’s hard to picture which direction the wind will flow until Misfits Gaming releases an official statement regarding the matter.

According to the report, it might be either Karmine Corp or the Spanish roster of Team Heretics who might be looking to take Misfits’ slot in the LEC. However, an industry insider who goes by the handle of LEC Wooloo noted that it’s highly unlikely that Karmine Corp will be the one who will be taking up the slot. Wooloo also denied the possibility of either the Spanish team KOI or the French esports organization LDLC taking up the slot, which only raises even more questions.

Team Heretics are looking like the best candidate, who are unfortunately yet to comment on the matter to address some of the community speculations. What makes Heretics’ entry into the European League more likely is that the organization is quite versed with Riot’s esports ecosystem as they boast a roster in both their MOBA and their shooter. 

Heretics have a Valorant roster that has participated in the VCT, which is the highest level of Valorant competition. They also have a League of Legends team playing in Spain’s national league Super Liga. If Team Heretics ends up acquiring the LEC spot, it’s safe to say that many of their fans will be more than excited.

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