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League of Legends: Patch 9.10 Highlights

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League of Legends’ patch 9.10 dropped today with some important changes. Because the Mid-Season Invitational is being played on patch 9.8, the focus of this patch is on Solo Queue and problems that arise there. There’s some love given to struggling champions, nerfs to the terrors and even a brand new champion! Along with this there are some more subtle changes to items and runes that will help balance the game. It isn’t the heftiest patch, but these changes are sure to make an impact.


Yuumi splash art. Photo via Riot Games.


Yuumi is League’s newest champion on the Rift. The Magical Cat is an enchanter support totally dedicated to assisting her team with heals, shields and Crowd Control. Her abilities are quite unique, with the most interesting part of her kit being her attaching mechanic.

This mechanic allows Yuumi to fix herself to another champion, becoming invulnerable and untargetable but can’t move. She relies on the player who she’s attached to to move, and her abilities are changed when she is attached. For example, her Prowling Projectile (Q) is a skill shot that the player can guide when Yuumi is fixed to another champion. She shares her heals, shields and movement speed buffs in this situation.

Her new mechanics give new dynamics to the bottom lane and team fights which can have a major effects on the game. Support players haven’t had a new enchanter support in a while, but Yuumi should be worth the wait.  Her adorable character is releasing with a skin from the new Battle Academia skin line and is sure to be a hit.

Champion Adjustments

There are a handful of adjustments to champions this patch. The buffs are mostly minor but definitely helpful for champions that tend to struggle. Brand’s Conflagration (E) base and scaling damage increased to aid his mid lane wave clear. The Headshot damage from Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap (W) raised to reward players that play around them well. Thirdly, Graves’ End of the Line (Q) gained late game damage.

Soraka received a very nice buff to her Starcall (Q). The movement speed from this ability increased, while the movement speed decay rate decreased. This allows Soraka to lane much easier and kite better in team fights. Master Yi, Zyra, Fiora and Shaco got quality of life changes that will make some of the key aspects of their kit feel much better to use. Lastly, Tryndamere and Xin Zhao had cooldown buffs to their key abilities.

Project Vayne splash art. Photo via Riot Games.

There are a lot of buffs, but only a couple of key nerfs. These champions terrorized Solo Queue for multiple patches with great infamy. The first of these champions is Vayne. Her early game is too strong for her infamously good late game, partially because of her Final Hour’s (R) cooldown reduction for her invisible Tumble (Q). As such, this cooldown is decreased at the first two ranks, instead of being 50% at all three ranks.

Riven, who has become infamous for abusing Conqueror and item buffs. Her ability to take significantly decreased damage from her Valor (E) shield made her terrifying to fight if she had two or three items. Because of this, Riot increased the cooldown on the ability. It is important to note they decreased the cooldown on her Broken Wings (Q) to help compensate her all-in playstyle.

Miscellaneous Changes

Some of the biggest changes aren’t directly to the champions, but to their builds. First off, Conqueror’s true damage and healing at full stacks decreased. It is now 8% of damage dealt, down from 10%. This should allow for more tank champions to exist in the top lane and jungle, and knock some strong fighters down a bit. It’ll also help balance champions like Irelia, Riven, Hecarim and Rek’Sai who prosper too much from this rune.

Next, Guinsoo’s Rageblade took a big hit for some problematic users. The Phantom Hit frequency decreased from two hits to three hits, but was given more armor and magic penetration. This Phantom Hit was too strong on champions like Vayne, Master Yi and Kai’Sa, whose on-hit abilities synergized very well with the item. They’ll still probably build the item, but it may have different users as a result.

Finally, there were some adjustments to ARAM. There was positive feedback to Riot’s ARAM balancing changes a few patches ago, so they continued them here. There is a host of champion damage nerfs and buffs, along with some changes to minions and runes. Make sure to check out the full patch notes if you’re a fan of the game mode to stay up to date.

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Featured image via Riot Games.

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