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How the esports world celebrated April Fools – esportsjunkie

by Shehryar Raza

On the 1st of April, Team Liquid announced new merchandise for a limited. Evil Geniuses rebranded their name and logo. While Vikram Reddy made an interesting silencer announcement. Blizzard also pranked the community with Reinhardt and a Reddit fan made a new patch video. Lately, Thorin argued with some CS: GO pros regarding professionalism. While V.P announced its partnership with Manchester United.

Team Liquid and the new merch

On April 1, Team Liquid decided not only to make a joke but also earn some money. The American organization has released a limited line of bright T-shirts and stylish badges with a modified club logo. The merchandise was exhibited in a funny clip, in which representatives of Team Liquid also made appearances. T-shirts and badges could be bought only on the International Day of Laughter.

Rebranding Evil Geniuses

The organization Evil Geniuses also made a playful rebranding – it abolished the logo and changed its name to Genuises Esports Club. So the club management beat the misspelled incident on the banner during The International 2018. Last year, EG managers played along with Valve and renamed the club’s social networks to match the organizers.

New Dota Plus Feature

Insider Vikram Reddy on April 1, spoke about a new feature in Dota Plus, which adds a dynamic change in the models of heroes to Dota 2. According to him, the head of Silencer will increase in size depending on the intelligence stolen from rivals. In the same proportion, the head of the enemy heroes will decrease if they lose their intelligence points.

Reinhardt phrases and fake patch in Overwatch

Blizzard also pranked all the players who picked Reinhardt in Overwatch. When PC users chose this character, the chat settings were changed – all messages were published in “caps”, and at the end one of the hero’s responses they also added messages like “Learn while I’m alive” and “Made in Germany!”. Many Overwatch fans have met the developers’ humor without much admiration because the company has already used this thing in the past.

New April Fools joke for Rein appears to be live… from r/Overwatch

A user on Reddit and an Overwatch fan have played the April Fool prank in a more sophisticated way. He made a video with the presentation of a new patch, which was supposed to bring several long-awaited balance changes into the game. It turned out so realistic that people did not immediately understand the joke and began to seriously discuss how innovations will affect meta.

Virtus.pro and MU, Zeus vs. Thorin

Twitter had a lot of trolling and funny announcements. For example, the former professional player at Overwatch, Daniel dafran Francesca, announced that he had become the official Paladins streamer, and the teams Seoul Dynasty and Chengdu Hunters announced the merger of the squads. Danil Zeus Teslenko and Duncan Thorin Shields exchanged heated arguments on the topic of professionalism, and Twitter Analytics Studios announced a partnership between Dota 2 Virtus.pro and the Manchester United football club.

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