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How eSports Players Prepare as Athletes

by Benjamin
Esports Players Train as athletes

How eSports Players Prepare as Athletes


If you think of the term “athlete”, most people would assume a certain amount of physical prowess built on the bedrock of fitness, conditioning, and rigorous exercise. The focus is mostly, if not entirely, on the physical aspect. On the other hand, the image of gamers might, for many people, bring to mind people who are static and sedentary. However, this notion is in need of a major change as we take a look at How Esports Players Prepare As Athletes.


While eSports players might not apparently have to invest a lot of time in rigorous physical activity, the mental strain and the resultant effect on the body ensure that most elite gamers would be at the same level as athletes. In fact, a five-year-long study has shown that most elite eSports gamers undergo similar levels of physical strain as athletes in the traditional sense. But how many of them look like Frederick ‘Warlock’ Kaludis in Die Hard 4? Or was he just a stereotype?


With razor-sharp mental abilities, pro gamers also need to cultivate and maintain finely-tuned, precise motor skills, superb hand-eye coordination, and the ability to maintain high levels of granular control over their movements for prolonged durations of time.


To this effect, pro gamers worldwide have realized the importance of creating and maintaining a perfect routine that helps them prepare for the stressful environments of gaming, with training regimes that are specifically tuned towards the unique physical needs of an elite eSports competitor.

Unique Physical Considerations


As more eSports stars find value in focusing on the physical aspects of their careers, eSports training centers have started embracing this reality and started implementing some of the training aspects that can help these athletes make the most of their opportunities. Typical training regimes would include physical training that would enhance strength in the hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms, along with targeted training for developing better hand-eye coordination and proper posture.


This would be supplemented by exercise routines that include cardiovascular workouts, cryotherapy for speedy recovery, and customized nutrition plans for players to complement this physical training.


eSports stars have also entered this conversation on social media and other platforms, with gamers sharing advice on crucial components of the game like easily falling asleep after an intense gaming session and preparing oneself to achieve deep relaxation.


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As it stands currently, it is clear that developing the perfect physical training program for eSports athletes is a crucial component of success and therefore needs to be taken seriously.

Achieving a Balance


The other side of the routines of eSports stars involves steps to enhance the mental side of the game. There are multiple qualities that successful eSports athletes need to develop. These include strategic thinking, achieving better reaction times, and enforcing long periods of wakefulness, concentration, and focus.


On the emotional side of things, it has been observed that eSports athletes are often more prone to emotional swings than traditional athletes. In a lot of cases, the training programs of elite gamers attempt to regulate these swings so that they do not manifest in a loss of performance. In many cases, specialists also attempt to find ways so that intense emotions can be properly and safely channelized in order to improve performance. Emotions like anger or anxiety can then become tools to achieve greatness.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition


One crucial problem that eSports players face stems from the fact that a lot of them do not yet have a complete understanding of the nutritional requirements that can be a make-or-break factor in this training. Proper nutrition is an essential component for this kind of physical and mental training to take hold. This is why a number of eSports athletes now utilize the services of nutrition professionals to ensure that a balanced training routine can be established.


One of the most important aspects of this facet of eSports training lies in products and supplements. eSports stars often use supplements to achieve high-energy states that can help draw out the best performance during intense gaming sessions. However, it’s essential to pay attention to physiological factors, such as sugar levels in the blood, and how they can impact performance. Performance, productivity, and state of mind can all get affected if blood sugar levels change drastically.


A lot of sports supplements offer a fast, near-instant boost of energy that does not last for a long time and is followed by an intense crash. While useful in many sports, these are not supplements that are ideal for eSports athletes. Instead, supplements that use slow-acting carbs to keep the blood sugar at sustained levels can be a significantly better choice.

Going Beyond Practice


For ages, the preparation routine for major eSports athletes has consisted of sitting in front of a computer and putting in the hard hours learning the game and its finer nuances, developing the techniques and motor skills needed for excellence, and mastering the intimate knowledge of in-game elements that are crucial for success.


Now, however, it has become clearer that this kind of one-dimensional training is not entirely sufficient for eSports athletes to have long and productive careers. In a field where people have limited time to peak and sustain their best performance, the importance of finding the right balance of training is crucial.


eSports stars know that a career in this field is usually short. By putting together the perfect balanced training regimen that includes the right physical development, mental training, nutrition, and other major aspects of all-round development, the typical career lengths of eSports athletes could be extended by many years. This can also help reduce stress and mitigate the effects of stress on the body and mind.

Obtaining a Healthy Lifestyle


It can be said that the routines of modern eSports athletes have transformed quite a bit in recent times, focusing more on the holistic aspects of the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. It is crucial to achieve that perfect balance between physical, mental, and emotional training while investing in proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and adequate investments in outside interests and human relationships.


As the eSports industry continues on its path of a massive surge, it is likely that the training routines of top eSports stars will also continue evolving in order to better extract the maximum performance and consistency from these gamers. With a better understanding of all the factors involved and focus on more detailed, complex training schedules, better results can certainly be expected in the near future.


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