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Fortnite V23.20 Patch Notes – Falcon Scout Lands

by Ashley

This is everything that’s new in the Fortnite V23.20 patch!

Fortnite V23.20 patch is here! This is our first update since Winterfest, after a ton of content got broken over Epic’s break. Our first update back is a few days later than what is normal. However, it’s definitely made up for it in substance. There are bug fixes for all the game’s problems, including some that have been around for months at this point. Even better, there are some of the most fun new items Epic’s added in a while.

We’re getting a new item in the Falcon Scout, new Reality Augments, and fixes for some of the content that stopped working over the last few weeks. The new item opens up an entirely different type of gameplay, with one of the best recon tools we’ve had in the battle Royale. The new Augments could also be game-changing. This is everything that’s changed with the Fortnite V23.20 Patch.

Fortnite V23.20 Patch Notes

The Falcon Scout

Fortnite V23.30 - Falcon Scout

A big new item is coming in the Fortnite V23.40 patch, the Falcon Scout. This is a game-changing new class of item. It’s one that’s going to make a pretty big difference to the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list. This is a scouting item. It can get you greater recon tools than you’re going to find with anything we’ve had in the game before now.

The Falcon Scout gets sent out as a drone. It resembles a mechanical Falcon. You pilot it in the air, kind of similar to drone items in games like Zelda and Assassin’s Creed. You can control its route, ping things, and caw to scan for enemies. This is a high-level recon tool. You can use it to find enemies, loot, and more. You are vulnerable while you’re using it. Although in team games it offers so much intel it’s difficult to not think about carrying one.

The Falcon Scout can get shot down by enemy players. It is a bit vulnerable. As are you when you’re controlling the Scout itself. You can only go up to a certain distance away from you while you’re using it. Both the distance and health have on-screen indicators for you to check you’re not overextending yourself. Another drawback is the Cawing. This can scan for enemies, but it does make a noise which is going to draw attention to you. If you’ve got the Fortnite settings for on-screen sound effects on, you can track it down pretty easily.

You can find the falcon Scout in all looting locations. They’re floor loot, regular chests, Oathbound Chests, and in Supply Drop. There’s no limit on uses either, so you can spam this thing out until you have every enemy in a final circle pinged if you want to.

Reality Augments in Fortnite V23.20 Patch

Fortnite V23.30 - Augments

The new patch is adding fresh Reality Augments in the game. These are one of the more fun additions to the new Chapter of the game. Quite a few have been disabled lately, but we’re getting them turned back on along with five more Augments to spice things up. These are the new Reality Augments you can find in game starting with the Fortnite V23.20 patch.

Pelly’s Plunder

This Augment gives you a treasure map. These have been in the game before and players probably know how they work. If you’re newer though, it’s a map which points to a buried treasure only you can find. Track it down and there’s a special chest with loads of high-end loot in it. You’re going to get multiple weapons on the highest end of the loot spectrum.

Shotgun Striker

Shotgun Striker activated a Siphon effect when you hit an opponent with a Shotgun. Siphon is a mechanic that players have always wanted to come back to the entire game. This Reality Augment gets you part of the way there. You’ll get extra health or shield when you deal damage with this Perk active. It does seem like this activates on all hit shots, not just when you get a kill, so it’s a bit different to the standard siphon.

Rarity Check

This is another Siphon mechanic. This time it gives you the siphon heal every time you get an elim, but only with Common and Uncommon weapons. You’ll have to hamper yourself with loot to make the most out of this one, but it might have a place for some players. It similarly grants some extra health or shield when you get a kill.

Zero Chance

This one of Augments gives you the Zero Point ability when you break your opponent’s shields. That’s the dash effect that used to come from the Zero Point and related items like fish.

Danger Hero

This one gives you a brief increase in your health and movement speed once you break your shield.

All of these new Reality Augments are active in the game now. You might not stumble on them straight away though. There’s a bit of a process to unlock all Fortnite Reality Augments. You might have to wait a bit of time before you get all of these in the regular rotation.

Fortnite V23.30 - Hurdling

Hired Character Changes in Fortnite V23.20 Patch

Another big new feature for the Fortnite V23.20 Patch is AN improvement to how NPC characters interact. They can now come into cars as passengers!

If you’re using a car or bike for rotation, a hired character can jump in with you rather than having to run along behind. This is a nice change. Along with the instructions you can now use the ping system for, NC teammates are much more useful than they used to be.

Fortnite V23.20 Competitive Changes

One big change from the patch isn’t coming to competitive modes, so you won’t see it when the FNCS returns. The Reality Check Augment isn’t coming to these playlists. This is just one of the Augments though. It isn’t really the most OP out of them considering siphons, Bush Warrior, and free infinite balloons, but Epic has decided to exclude it for now.

Deku’s Smash Returning

Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics and Excotics

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics have had a rough time lately, but one has made a return in the Fortnite V23.20 patch. Deku’s Smash is finally back in the game!

This was added along with the My Hero Academia skins, but it didn’t last long before bugs got it vaulted. The Mythic is finally back. Since the crossover had kind of passed, players might not have been expecting this to come back. However, it has actually made a return. It’s going to be active once again in the Battle Royale and Zero Build playlists. It hasn’t had too many major changes so it’s probably going to be racking up one-shot kills once again now that it’s back.

Bug Fixes

Deku’s Smash isn’t the only thing that’s gotten fixed. Fortnite’s had far too many glitches lately. Epic has fixed a lot of it with this update though. Pretty much all of the major issues that players have been complaining about have been fixed now. These are the big bug fixes.

  • Mantling is working again! Chapter 4’s signature mobility addition has been absent for an embarrassingly long time, it’s apparently working fully again though.
  • The problem with sprinting being impossible in random games is fixed. This was a particularly long-lasting and annoying glitch. Layers shouldn’t be locked out of sprinting and parkour in random matches anymore.
  • Reality Augments can work on bikes and be unlocked through teammates again. If a teammate grabs a new Augment, you’ll unlock it too.
  • Pickaxe problems have been straightened out. They should now work fully consistently.
  • You can use the Guardian Shield as a vehicle passenger! It works in the back of trucks, and as a passenger on other open vehicles like bikes.

As usual, there are smaller bug fixes here too. Although, these are the headline changes that are fixing problems most players have probably encountered regularly.

Fortnite is Mainly Back Working

Those are all of the major changes with the Fortnite V23.20 Patch. A big part of this patch has been fixes. It’s hard to get around how many bugs the game has had, but the update has gone a long way to getting everything back up and running. It seems like pretty much everything has been fixed back up! Although, players can probably find new bugs pretty soon. This amount of fixe might be why the update came on Wednesday and not Tuesday as usual. Epic may have wanted to be able to write off all the major bugs in one clean sweep.

With the new content coming to the game too, Fortnite is in a great state right now. The new item is pretty creative and it’s likely going to make a big difference to how the game plays for the rest of the season. The bug fixes should eliminate all of the problems plaguing the game recently too. The title is looking more fun and exciting as we head into the meatier part of Fortnite Chapter 4 like the FNCS starting back up.

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