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Fortnite Posts Lowest Weekly Viewership of the Year: Top Twitch Content, Sept. 16 – 22

by Max Miceli

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Fortnite has its lowest total for hours watched so far this year due in part to the Call of Duty beta.

Meanwhile, Z Event gives the “Special Events” category on Twitch one of its infrequent spotlights.

Finally, World of Warcraft sees its first decline in hours watched since the release of Classic at the end of August.

The following content is ranked according to the total number of hours watched on Twitch from Monday to the following Sunday, with data compiled using TEO Access.



Looking Down


Fortnite experienced its lowest viewership for a full week on Twitch this year, posting less than 12M hours watched. With numerous influencers playing the Call of Duty beta, and others still taking some time to play World of Warcraft Classic, the title saw its fifth straight week of declining viewership.



Additionally, Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s decision to take a break from streaming for an undisclosed amount of time has only complicated matters for Fortnite viewership. Prior to his hiatus, Tenney accounted for more than 10% of all hours watched for the title on Twitch. With Tenney gone, we’ve yet to see another broadcaster step up and reel in the same type of viewership that Tenney was responsible for attracting. 

Something Special


A French charity project called Z Event helped to put the Special Events category on the map this past week as it raised more than €3M ($3.3M USD) for Institut Pasteur, beating the event’s record from 2018 of just more than €1M ($1.1M). 



While numerous broadcasters participated in the event by using their personal streams to advocate for Z Event, French YouTuber Lucas “Squeezie” Hauchard led the way, hitting 1.1M hours watched with a whopping average of 92K CCV, peaking at 167K.

End of the World?


World of Warcraft hit its lowest mark and failed to top the hours watched chart for content on Twitch for the first time since the release of WoW Classic at the end of last month. While Zack “Asmongold” (last name unknown) continues to sit at the top of Twitch as its most-watched streamer, the overall figures for WoW have slowed again. 



Though Blizzard’s strategy to stagger the release of Classic into five different phases has the potential to bring viewership back to the title in the future, it appears as though there is a bit of WoW fatigue for viewers on Twitch. With numerous players having completed the game’s current available end-game dungeons and raids, viewership for Classic may be hindered by a lack of content until more raids and player-versus-player activities are incorporated in later phases. Blizzard has not yet announced the exact dates regarding when new phases will be implemented.

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