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Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks – New Fortnite Map Leaks Early

by Ashley

A huge Fortnite Chapter 5 map leak has just dropped, what else do we know about the upcoming season? These are all of the Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks.

Fortnite is in the midst of its biggest season to date, a return to Chapter 1 that’s brought record player numbers to the game. The title can’t always look backwards though. We only have Chapter 1 back for one season, and then we’re moving forward to C5. What’s coming with the new start? While Epic tries to keep things under wraps, we have a pretty good idea thanks to some recent Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks.

A fairly credible leak has sprung over the map we’ll be getting with the new season. It isn’t as nostalgic as Fortnite OG’s return to the original island. However, the map does seem to be taking inspiration from a different Fortnite map. From the new map to leaked mechanics, Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks can tell us quite a bit about what we’re expecting to come with the new Chapter of the game.

These are all of the leaks we’ve had so far. The Fortnite Chapter 5 map leak plus the other features we’ve heard about.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks

These are all of the Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks we’ve seen so far and when we’ll expect to get confirmation and more official news from Epic.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks - Map

Some prominent Fortnite leakers have begun distributing what appears to be a work in progress map for our brand-new island. The leaks we’ve seen so far are showing that we’re getting a more varied map, with some different biomes spread throughout. It seems to be our biggest map yet!

The new chapter map that’s been leaked does have something missing though. It appears to be the terrain map. We can spot the mountains and grass areas. However, POIs aren’t here. We won’t see our contenders for best Fortnite landing spots popping up here! Although, we can infer a bit just from the terrain.

One leading theory at the moment is that this will be a sideways step from Chapter 2. As we’re back in Chapter 1, some players have speculated that we’re in an alternative timeline, since there’s some changes to the OG map. This would mean we’re going back into the Black Hole, before coming out on this one seen in the Fortnite Chapter 5 map leak.

Its resemblance to the Chapter 2 map is noticeable. The map in Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks looks similar to the first season for that part of Fortnite. Although, since this is an entirely fresh chapter, we’re expecting to be more inspired by Chapter 2. The new map definitely looks like an exciting side of the game. Another factor linking to this in Fortnite Chapter 5 map is the textures used. While we’re sticking with the newer Chapter 4 ones for grass, water is switching back to Chapter 2’s effect.

Chapter 5 Collabs

That’s the Fortnite Chapter 5 map leaks, but what about the rest of the game? We’ve got some leaks a long time ago about future collaborations. These will likely end up in the game during Chapter 5. Both are basically common knowledge at this point.

A Doctor Who collab was originally planned for this winter, but has been pushed back until next year. This one was likely to avoid having unrelated content going on during our OG season returning. It’s most likely to come now when that show returns to the air.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks - Lego

The long-awaited Fortnite X Lego event is also likely to come during 2024. That one has been called one of epic’s priorities internally, so “Project Juno” as its termed will likely be a big one. This could be a whole season, a creative thing, it could see Lego bricks for building for a while. Epic has made clear its beginner than your standard skins collab but what exactly is coming isn’t fully known. We have seen a grapple item made out of Lego in the files and references to Lego characters as NPCs.

What Else is Changing in Fortnite Chapter 5?

That’s roughly what we’ve seen so far in Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks. We’ve seen over leaks over the years which could be related too. Legendary Augments coming from Supply Drops would be one of these, but they’ve been in the files for a few seasons now. They could just as easily be unused content, like the unreleased weapon maps Fortnite Creative makes such great use of.

There’s also the First-Person Mode issue. That leaked a while ago and was thought to be another game mode alongside BR and Zero Builds. Epic even accidentally turned it on for some players early! Although, it doesn’t look like that was ever intended as a separate mode. Instead, it seems it was developed for UnrealFN maps. These maps have the option to use first person. The leaked FN first person mode may have just been to get this option working properly.

Another major feature expected for Chapter 5 is the upcoming Fortnite Racing mode. This will be an entirely separate game mode, alongside both Zero Builds and Battle Royale. It’ll be a separate game mode where you can race other players. It likely impact Battle Royale.

Fortnite Leaks - First Person Mode

When Will Fortnite Chapter 5 Start?

When will see for certain if the Fortnite Chapter 5 leak is legitimate? The game’s current season is going to end on December 2. This would mean the new Chapter should be starting within a day or so of that. Although, there may be a delay. Since we’re back in Chapter 1 a repeat of the black Hole event wouldn’t be too surprising. This could mean decent downtime for the game once again.

Outside of other unused content, that’s roughly what we know about the Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks. With the game coming back to Chapter 1, we could see a more retro inspired future season. Chapter 1’s return has been incredibly popular so far, Epic could look backwards for inspiration on what’s coming next.

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