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FaZe Clan and Liquid are the first teams to quality to BLAST Spring 2020 Finals

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The biggest tournament of the first quarter of 2020 is on its way and the first teams to qualify for the next stage of BLAST Premier Spring are here: FaZe Clan and Team Liquid managed to surpass their opponents and book their spots.

So, let’s take a look at what happened this past week that led both teams to qualification.

FaZe is ready to impress in the Spring season

Coldzera kicks off BLAST Spring in a high note

While FaZe did leave fans wanting more in 2019, 2020, so far, seems to be a great year for the squad.

Their run in the first stage of BLAST Premier Spring started with a best of three match against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The squad was easily to take the Swedes down without issues.

Next, however, posed a much harder challenge. Team Liquid come as the absolute favorites of the group after all.  Yet, NiKo and Coldzera proved to be on point, and Liquid was no match for this renewed FaZe.

What to expect from FaZe in the next stage of the tournament?

Fans can expect to see the same team, maybe even stronger. Beating both NiP and Liquid without losing a single map certainly gives a strong impression.

To make things better, FaZe will now have plenty of time to focus and work on their strategy for the next stage. The team certainly will face more challenge there, but considering their current form, they surely can surprise.

Team Liquid finishes in second place in the BLAST Premier Spring

Twistzz was a key player for Liquid recovery in the BLAST Spring

Liquid started the tournament in a match they were the clear favorites. The Brazilian squad of MiBR posed a threat initially as they managed to take Liquid to two overtimes. In the second map, however, Liquid easily took control and won the match.

Against FaZe, things took a different turn. The European squad was able to overwhelm Liquid and made NA’s best look completely lost. Without being able to answer their opponent’s advances, Liquid needed to recover quickly.

In their third and final match during this stage, Liquid faced Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Ninjas managed to make Liquid’s captain, ‘nitr0’ sweat for a bit, but he was able to get through the Swedes’ defenses and won the match.

What to expect from Liquid going forward?

Liquid seems to be a slightly slower form than they were after closing 2019. Although to be expected, their opponents going forward will be sure to check their match against FaZe. There was plenty of weaknesses shown there that allow possible exploits.

Still, Liquid is one of the best teams in the world and they shouldn’t be underestimated. They understand that they could have done better and will aim to do such in the next stage.

Fans can definitely expect to see Liquid taking lessons from their match against FaZe.

NiP and MiBR are going to the BLAST Spring Showdown

NiP's new squad left fans wanting more in BLAST Spring

Unfortunately, the last two teams of group A couldn’t match Liquid and FaZe. Instead of advancing to the BLAST Spring Finals, they will be headed to the BLAST Spring Showdown.

The BLAST Spring Showdown will feature ten teams, and a $350.000 prize pool. Also, the two best teams of that stage will be making to the BLAST Spring Finals. So there still a chance for both NiP and MiBR.

What is expected from Ninjas in Pyjamas and MiBR in the Showdown?

Unfortunately for MiBR, their issues from last year continue plaguing them. In fact, one could argue that they are slowly scaling up.

This means that for the Brazilian squad, their chances in the Showdown are far from great. Maybe in the next season the team start doing some changes that lead to positive results, but their form right now simply doesn’t inspire confidence.

The Ninjas, in the other hand, can be the surprise element of the Showdown. They are a newer team and we have yet to see all they are capable of. In the coming week, NiP will be analysing their games, readjusting themselves and preparing to impress.


BLAST Premier Spring 2020 continues this week with the Group B starting shortly.

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