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EternaLEnVy got banned – Esports Betting Tips

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Smuring has always been a part of Dota 2, regardless whether it was allowed or not. Previously, Valve did not really care all that much. In fact, they pretty much left everyone to do their “own thing”. However, after the most recent update, it seems like the company is taking this very seriously.

Smurfing is an activity where a high-ranked player creates a new account in order to play in a lower-MMR bracket. Sometimes the pro players create smurfs just so they won’t get recognized.

Jacky Mao is one of the most famous people in professional Dota. Needless to say, the legendary players has a lot of success under his belt during the years. In fact, he is currently playing for a new team called Fighting Pepegas. They even won the recent qualifiers and will be going to the MDL Chengdu Major.

However, Eternal Envy is also famous for playing on his smurf accounts. In fact, he even tends to stream this very often without caring about Valve’s reaction. Well, this will change from now on because after the most recent Dota 2 update, Eternal Envy’s smurf account was banned .

This was expected, because he had a very low behaviour score due to the “role steal. Now, he will have to take a six-months break at least on his smurf account. 

Valve clearly said that they will not be tolerating smurfssanymore. According to them, the players need to be a lot more careful for their actions from, now on. Whether or not this is for the better is still up in the air.

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