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ESL to meet teams in-person & convince them to sign for ESL Pro League

by Bhavya Shah

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive circuit is heated up for the upcoming season and teams are more hesitant than ever. As the season blooms, the teams have multiple tournaments to choose from and Electronic Sports League (ESL) is not taking its chances. ESL’s representatives are scheduled to meet executives of at least 13 professional teams between January 22-24 according to DBLTAP.

This includes:

Team Liquid 100 Thieves
Evil Geniuses Fnatic
ENCE Esports G2 Esports
FaZe Clan Natus Vincere
mousesports Complexity
Astralis Ninjas in Pyjamas

However, ESL might reach out to several other teams as well. In a statement to DBLTAP, ESL’s Senior Vice President of Product, Ulrich Schulze clarified, “It is not at all unusual for ESL to meet with various parties.” He further said, “We would prefer not to make a habit of commenting on every meeting that may or may not take place. However, as a blanket statement, everything material we do in CS:GO is known to and discussed with Valve, and that includes respecting their positions and guidelines when it comes to the conditions of participating in tournaments.” 

Tournament organisers are in a neck to neck fight. The entire open-circuit approach of CS:GO’s eco-system is about to invert into a more franchise-based approach. BLAST have earlier released ample information about its upcoming event – BLAST Premier Series while a rumoured ‘B site’ franchised league is taking shape backed by Cloud9 and Immortal Gaming Club (IGC). FACEIT’s Esports Championship Series (ECS) has meanwhile maintained silence.

ESL is going all out by approaching teams to sign for its Pro League as the schedules for various tournaments are likely to clash with each other. ESL Pro League is in action since over half a decade and ESL will try their level best to move forward with its legacy in CS:GO as arguably the finest tournament organiser. The upcoming season will be the 10th edition of ESL Pro League.

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