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ESL introduces new rule ahead of Intel Extreme Masters Beijing

by Alex Pete

In anticipation of the Intel Extreme Masters Beijing Counter-Strike, ESL announced their official rules, leaving some players not too happy.

ESL hosts various event series from all parts of the world, including ESL One and IEM. Such events have been released and made official by several laws since 4 November 2019.

These changes include a rule of self-elimination which states, “A player is not allowed to intentionally cause self-elimination of their player character. This includes using the /kill command or using map features to deny kills to the opposing team.”

“Players who choose to eliminate themselves by jumping from Vertigo’s side are the easiest and most newest use of such a reference tactic. Vertigo is a map of an unfinished skyscraper that leaves many of the structure from the walls and gives players the opportunity to jump off or to slip.

It is mostly an economical tactic for people who ask why a player would choose to do it. For example, players can jump off the map instead of feeding kills to a mac 10 to avoid paying the cash bonus for the game. Players can also leap off the map with an AWP or sniper if a round is missed so that the weapons can not be retrieved.

Many members of the community have already opposed the rule that such decisions are a tactic and should be allowed by themselves.

It is unclear whether or not this will cause the group to mobilise against the law. There is no guarantee, however, that ESL will choose to restore its change of rule.

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