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Dota 2 Invoker Guide – How to Manage Your Skills

by Chetan Shekar

You can cast a wide range of spells to lead your team to victory in Dota 2 with Invoker.

Invoker is an Intelligence hero with various spells that can be cast on players to gain the upper hand in battles. He is a tactile hero who can disable multiple enemies and drain their health and mana to give his team an edge over his opponents in Dota 2 matches. People can try these tips to improve their ability to cast spells that deal maximum damage to their enemies in their games. 

Invoker – Disarm Melee Enemies with Deafening Blast

Invoker disarms Troll Warlord using Deafening Blast

Gamers can cast Deafening Blast with Invoker to disarm enemies in the game. Invoker can cast Deafening Blast by using a combination of Exort, Quas, and Wex together. Enemy heroes hit by a Deafening Blast can be dealt damage based on the level of Exort Invoker has unlocked. 

The ranged hero can provide his team a chance to counter melee heroes by using Deafening Blast on enemies. You can cast Deafening Blast on melee heroes like Troll Warlord and Faceless Void to disarm them. All enemy heroes affected by Deafening Blast will be prevented from using physical attacks to deal damage to Invoker and his allies. Invoker can disarm enemy units for up to 6.5 seconds, based on the current level of Wex that he has unlocked. 

Deafening Blast can be more effective on the enemy team than using items like Heaven’s Halberd to disarm your opponents. Heaven’s Halberd costs 3550 gold and can be used to disarm melee heroes for 3 seconds. Ranged heroes are disarmed for up to 5 seconds using Heaven’s Halberd in team fights. 

Invoker – Upgrade Chaos Meteor

Invoker summons fire balls using Chaos Meteor

Invoker can cast Chaos Meteor to summon fire balls from the sky. These fire balls can move forward in the direction that Invoker is facing and roll up to a distance of 1575, based on the level of Wex. Enemy units hit by Chaos Meteor can take up to 38 burn damage per second (DPS) for 3 seconds. 

Chaos Meteor can be used with several different spells to deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes. It has a cooldown of 55 seconds and requires 200 mana to be used per cast. You can use Chaos Meteor with Deafening Blast to avoid getting hit by enemies in battles. Deafening Blast will push back enemies, letting Invoker deal more burn damage to his opponents using Chaos Meteor. 

You can upgrade the ability, Chaos Meteor, using an Aghanim’s Shard. Invoker can purchase an Aghanim’s Shard for 1400 gold in the game. The upgraded Chaos Meteor can be used to summon 3 fire balls that can scorch enemy heroes in team fights. Players can also reduce the cooldown of Chaos Meteor by 15 seconds after purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard for Invoker.  

Invoker – Use Ice Wall to Defend Your Lane 

Invoker creates an Ice Wall to defend the top lane

Defending your lane is the most important priority of players in Dota 2. Invoker can cast several abilities to eliminate waves of creeps before they can attack your towers. He can use the ability, Ice Wall, to create a solid wall of ice to slow enemy units in lanes. Any enemy unit that passes through the Ice Wall will have its movement speed reduced by 160%. The wall of ice can last for up to 13.5 seconds, based on the level of Quas. Ice Wall has a cooldown of 25 seconds and needs 125 mana to be used. 

You can buy items like Perseverance to increase the regeneration rate of Invoker in Dota 2. Perseverance provides 6.5 health regeneration and 2.25 mana regeneration to the Intelligence hero. People can upgrade Perseverance to a Refresher Orb or a Lotus Orb that can help Invoker regenerate plenty of mana to defend his lane against menacing enemy creeps. 

Invoker – Forge Spirit can Crush Enemy Towers

Invoker destroys enemy towers using Forge Spirit

Invoker can summon fire spirits to weaken enemy units and enemy structures. These spirits have up to 755 range on their physical attacks, 1000 health, 450 mana, 7 armor, and 92 attack damage.  Forge Spirit can last for up to 90 seconds. Invoker can summon an additional Forge Spirit by leveling up Quas, Exort, and Wex to level 4. Forge Spirit has a cooldown of 30 seconds and requires 75 mana to be used. 

People can cast Alacrity while Forge Spirits are around Invoker to crush enemy towers within seconds. Alacrity can be invoked used Wex and Exort, granting Invoker up to 94 attack speed bonus and 94 attack damage for 9 seconds. It has a cooldown of 17 seconds and consumes 100 mana. You can also cast Alacrity on your allies to provide bonus attack speed during team fights with Invoker. 

Invoker – Use Sun Strike on Stunned Heroes

Invoker kills enemies using Sun Strike

Sun Strike is a handy skill that can be used to get instant kills from anywhere on the map. Invoker can use Sun Strike at level 1 by using Exort. You can level up Exort throughout the game to deal more damage to enemy units with Sun Strike. Invoker can use Sun Strike to melt enemy units in a radius of 175 by dealing up to 540 damage to them. Sun Strike has a cooldown of 25 seconds and consumes 175 mana. 

Most esports teams playing Invoker prefer to purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter to cast Cataclysm using Sun Strike. Players can tap the Sun Strike ability twice after purchasing the item to cast 2 instances of Sun Strike on enemy units. It can take up to 1.7 seconds to hit enemy units using Sun Strike, letting enemy heroes run away from their initial position. 

Invoker can attack enemy heroes with Sun Strike with greater precision while his opponents are stunned in battles. You can also buy items like Rod of Atos and Gleipnir to root enemies while Sun Strike is cast to deal damage to them with Invoker. 

Invoker – Cast Spells from A Safe Distance

Invoker lets his allies tank while using multiple spells

You can take precautions while playing Invoker to connect as many spells as possible during your matches. Players can let tank heroes like Ursa and Mars tackle enemy heroes before coming into their line of sight. Invoker can cast his spells from a safe distance to avoid taking damage from his opponents in team fights. 

People can cast spells like Tornado and Ghost Walk to escape from dire situations. Tornado can be used to lift enemy heroes and disable them for a few seconds, allowing Invoker and his allies to step back from an ambush. You can also turn Invoker invisible by using Ghost Walk between battles. Ghost Walk provides invisibility for up to 60 seconds, letting Invoker walk undetected among enemy heroes after losing quite a bit of his health. Ghost Walk has a cooldown of 35 seconds and needs 175 mana to be used in the game. 

Best Allies for Invoker


Enigma stuns enemies to help Invoker

Enigma can be a reliable ally to Invoker in Dota 2 matches. He can stun enemies using Malefice to prevent them from escaping team fights. Malefice has a cooldown of 14 seconds and requires 160 mana to be used. Invoker can use Cold Snap on enemy heroes to extend the duration of the stun. Abilities like Cold Snap and Ice Wall can limit the movement of enemy heroes, allowing Invoker and his teammates to deal bonus damage with their physical attacks to destroy their enemies
in the game. 

Allies can use Midnight Pulse with Enigma to deal bonus magical damage to their enemies in a radius of 550. Midnight Pulse lasts for up to 12 seconds. Invoker can use Chaos Meteor on enemies to wipe them out in battles. Players can also cast Deafening Blast to push enemies back into Midnight Pulse to increase the amount of damage dealt to them. 


Bloodseeker silences his enemies to let Invoker cast his abilities

Bloodseeker is a carry hero who can provide a ton of assists to Invoker. He can silence all enemy units in a radius of 600 and deal 240 Pure damage to them using Blood Rite. Invoker can summon fire balls using Chaos Meteor to drain the health of his opponents while they are silenced by Bloodseeker during battles. 

Teammates can use Bloodseeker’s ulti, Rupture, to prevent enemy heroes from running away from encounters. Enemy units affected by Rupture take Pure damage for up to 12 seconds based on the distance they move after Bloodseeker casts his ulti on them. Rupture has a cooldown of 70 seconds and requires 200 mana per cast. Invoker can use Sun Strike on enemies standing still after being affected by Rupture to annihilate enemy heroes in their matches. 

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