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CoL & EHOME qualify for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor – esportsjunkie

by Shehryar Raza

The qualifiers of the last Minor of the 2018-2019 DPC are currently taking place across the globe with teams making their best effort to secure qualification. A few hours ago the NA side confirmed its participation in the tournament.

StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor season 2 is one of the most anticipated competitions of the years since every team wants to get a spot for the EPICENTER Major. The NA qualifiers ended with the grand finale between, J.Storm and compLexity Gaming. These two teams showed impressive results in the last fews days and fought in the final for the last spot of the Minor. At the end of the an entertaining series, coL came out on top.

Tough luck for coL

The coL lineup was predicted to have a solid  2018-2019 campaign. Yet they failed to make an impact on the big stage. The first Major of the team was MDL Disneyland® where they had a tough campaign. They lost two out of their three games played in the group stage. Then they beat beast coast in the first round of the lower bracket after that they were eliminated when they lost 2-0 to PSG.LGD. This poor result led the organization to make changes to its lineup by recruiting, the Brazilian, Otávio Gabriel ‘tavo’ Cerqueira Silva into their ranks. The team performed quite well in the qualifiers of the  EPICENTER Major. But, unfortunately had to face EG in the grand finals where they were completely outplayed. So with no EG in the qualifiers of the Minor, coL was expected to get the qualification and indeed they got it.

EHOME not giving up

After coL, EHOME secured a spot for the Minor. EHOME had a very unconvincing DPC season. The team had to make tons of roster changes owing to injuries and personal issues. Recently, Zhang ‘faith_bian’ Ruida returned to take charge and redeem EHOME chances of qualifying for the TI9. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get a spot for the EPICENTER Major and had to take the long road through the minor qualifiers. The squad hosts some of the most decorated players in the competitive landscape of Dota 2.

EHOME will surely aim to secured the direct invite for the event by securing a spot in the top 12 DPC rankings. For this purpose they will at least need to make it to the grand final of the StarLadder Minor. Then hope for the best possible result in the last Major of the season. Since a lot of teams will be eye the last four DPC spots.

We will have to wait for a day to see which teams secured to the Minor. By the end of tomorrow we’ll know all the teams that will be competing in the StarLadder. It will surely be an exciting competition that will determine the two team that will compete in the EPICENTER.

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