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Chat with Albert Cohen Former TSM Analyst

by Manny Gomez

ESTNN chats with Albert Cohen, former TSM Analyst for 2019 Spring, current Data Analyst for Misfits. We discuss his time in TSM. His thoughts on what went wrong during Summer for TSM; as well as his predictions for the 3 NA Worlds Representatives.

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Albert Cohen’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlbertPCoh

What is an analyst?- 0:53
Difference between coaching roles and analysts?- 4:08
Does rank matter?- 7:00
How did Albert get to TSM?- 12:58
Applying to TSM – 16:47
TSM’s Culture- 18:34
How was the reverse sweep versus C9?- 23:24
What happened after finals?- 30:00
How has time with Misfits been?- 32:27
If you win with TSM do you think you stay?- 35:11
Pay as an analyst isn’t the best- 37:14
What is wrong with TSM?- 40:28
LEC vs. LCS comparisons – 52:13
EU Predictions- 57:09
NA Predictions- 59:15
NA Gauntlet- 1:01:11
Advice for aspiring analysts- 1:09:02

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