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Beastcoast squad found positive for COVID, Valve provides extra handicap

by eSportsJunkie Staff

Information shared earlier in the week has been confirmed as Beastcoast stated multiple players have shown as positive for COVID 19 while in attendance at The International 11 2022.

This means several of Beastcoast’s players will have to play their next clutch series against PSG.LGD from the isolation pods, however the team will also be playing with a handicap stated by Valve. 

According to information shared by Beastcoast management, one player mentioned that they had a sore throat after the South American team eliminated Evil Geniuses in the previous series. This led to the organization conducting a quick COVID 19 to all members and finding that several players tested positive for it. 

Valve was rapidly notified once the positive results were absolutely confirmed, and next steps were taken for the squad to play from the isolation pods. Nevertheless, while Valve will help the squad by providing the isolated pods in order to play their next series, Valve has certain limits that prevent Beastcoast from playing their next matches with at least 1 of their coaches.

Beastcoast stated the following via social media:

“After our last match one of our players had a sore throat. Upon testing with COVID rapid tests it was discovered that several members of our team were testing positive for COVID. We immediately reported to Valve upon confirmed positive results.”

“Unfortunately, due to Valve’s limitatioons, our coach will not be provided an isolated room with a PC. This means we will be forced to play tomorrow’s games without our coach. This is extremely dissapointing, but we will still strive to do our best on the world stage. We are grateful for your continued support.”

If the previously internal information leaked has anything similar to the truth, at least 3 players tested positive over the last couple of hours, which means this isn’t as disastrous as the previous case with Royal Never Give Up, however all of this is reported and not absolutely confirmed.

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Even after the Royal Never Give Up situation looked tougher than expected, Beastcoast most likely will not be able to send their players to the public stage due to the safety concerns around the illness. Valve, PGL, and the organization itself will need to take further countermeasures to be certain that no other teams get in contact with the positive players.

In the case of Royal Never Give Up, the organization stated that it was very hard for some of its players to perform at their peak level due to symptoms like severe coughs, fevers, among others. The Chinese representative still battled hard for almost 2 hours before being eliminated by Entity.

Beastcoast will play LGD in their next series on TI11’s 4th day, and sadly it looks like an external factor will change things for them in this upcoming set of games.
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