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Australian Authorities Arrest Six People for Allegedly Fixing Betting Games Online – esportsjunkie

by Finn Ingram

Australian police detained six individuals on the famous internet game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for supposedly losing games on purpose in order to win bets.

In the first police investigation in Australia on the fixing of games, police claim that the people from Victoria and Western Australia organized games and put bets on their own games in a tournament.

The players could face up to ten years in jail for behaviour which corrupts their voting results and the use of fraudulent behaviour data for betting reasons.

The world’s largest betting organizations, including the Australian Sportsbet, are in tourney economies with multimillion dollars of competitive gaming and eSports. Counter-Strikes: The CS-GO is a famous tournament shooter and match that matches two players ‘ teams against each other. The game is a first-person shooter.

Police Assistant Neil Paterson of Victoria said it is essential in the booming eSports landscape to fight illegal betting rings.

“This is a truly evolving sport industry that demands that the results of tournaments and games be made available to bet,” he says. The Victoria police claim that 20 bets were made over five games, but did not reveal the significance of the bets. “It is essential that the police and other organizations within the law enforcement, gaming and betting site sectors continue to operate together to address suspicious activity.” The inquiry started with a tip-off by a wagering company in March 2019.

On Wednesday, four people were detained in Victoria from officers of the Sports Integrity Information Unit and the organized crime intelligence division.

Two twenty-year-old males and a 22-year-old man in Mill Park and a nineteen-year-old South Morang guy were detained.

In the Perth suburb of Mount Eliza, two other males were detained on Friday by the police in Western Australia.

“These warrants also highlight that police will take any reports of suspicious or criminal activity within esports seriously, and we encourage anyone with information to come forward,” Paterson said.
The males were discharged before further inquiry, and the inquiry was continued by the police.

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